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imageConsumers' Favorites: Best Luxury Sedans

See the results of the Consumers Favorites survey for Best Luxury Sedans, including the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Lexus LS 460, and BMW 7 Series.

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  • kennyc68kennyc68 Member Posts: 0
    If more "real" americans would buy american products, our economy would fix itself in three years.
  • abacomike_abacomike_ Guest Posts: 1
    If more "real" american manufacturers would build cars that look, ride, feel, handle, and have the technology as Mercedes, BMW or Lexus, they would buy more. I'd love to buy an American made car by an American Manufacturer, but every time I do, I get burned. They are either recalled, deliver less than acceptable performance and fuel economy, fall apart inside and/or outside, just to mention a few problems. American cars are getting better, but they haven't gotten to the same quality, style, etc., as Mercedes. Believe me, when they do, I'll buy it, PROMISE!!!!
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