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How To Choose Tires and Wheels

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imageHow To Choose Tires and Wheels

How to Choose Tires and Wheels article on Edmunds.com

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  • ramoncramonc Member Posts: 10
    The problem I have found with auto owners is the lack of information about how a tire works, its limits and the need for maintenance and safety inspection each year. The primary source needs to be the owner's manual. Secondary sources are websites and independent evaluations by professionals. Tire pressure, tire condition, alignment and balance are all important factors. Tires can only do so much. It is called tire performance limit. The more you want to brake, the less you can turn and viceversa. Wet and icy roads? Tire performance drops significantly. You need to brake BEFORE you start turning or you will slide off the road!! Good luck.
  • mailstudmailstud Member Posts: 1
    I also need help. I have a 2001 Miata SE and am due for new tires and am not sure which to get or where to go. My Miata is not driven much and I don't think I need all-seasons. Just need a tire that rides nice and isn't noisy. Could somet wbody give me some advice. Don't want too cheap or really pricey.

  • gjweinertgjweinert Member Posts: 2
    Great article and very informative. Especially to learn that softer tread material is used in the higher speed rated tires. I am in the market for 4 good highway tires. Your info on wheels was great. I will have to find out if I can switch from a 50 to a 55 or 60 to get less of a hit on the wheels while driving. Looks like a 40 could almost be made of solid rubber. A question, is Nitrogen worth the extra cost compared to air? Thanks, Jerry
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    @gjweinert - You might be interested in checking out this discussion in our Forums.

    Nitrogen in Tires
  • carboy21carboy21 Member Posts: 760
    edited February 2016
    People buy cars and SUVs with all sorts of high tech fancy gizmos., but lack the knowledge that its just the fours tires which can make a difference between life and death. Driving on old bald, cracked and repaired tires while the car has the latest safety features is useless. All season tires become hard like plastic below 38 F and have longer braking distance and poor traction then a dedicated winter tires which have a compound which makes the rubber softer during freezing temps for better braking and traction .
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