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2013 Detroit Auto Show: Lincoln MKC Concept Posts: 9,969
edited September 2014 in Lincoln

image2013 Detroit Auto Show: Lincoln MKC Concept

The Lincoln MKC made its world debut at the Detroit auto show and its prospects are good.

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  • pommahpommah Posts: 71
    I kinda like it, though this class of vehicle is not my cup of tea.
  • You have alot of hate for the MKZ yet you seem to like the ES350. They both are about par for the course. I have had the pleasure of being in both. They are after the same customer..(my wife). I just dont see the short comings that you guys are talking about yet rave about in the 350. The interior quality is the same. I dont get paid to test drive cars, I do so every other weekend for the last 26 years because I love driving and I love cars. You guys should goto work in a factory for a few years and then use your money to buy a car and tell me which one you like them..geez..I do know understand why you guys would not allow anyone to post on the MKZ hate site that you did. U knew the reaction that you would get. Shame on you.
  • Isn't that a carry over from last year? Lincoln has sunk to the bottom in looks and is in no way a luxury car
  • I had a 2010 Lincoln MKX, and was pretty impressed with it and it's Ice Blue Color. However, my feelings started to change when it had 10,000 miles on it and we were 1,300 miles from home on vacation. The MKX slowed down to about 15 mph and would not move any faster. We popped the hood and checked out everything we could and finally got back into it and began creeping towards the next town since it was a LOT closer than home. After 4 minutes the crazy thing surged forward and began running like it should. We made it to our destination that afternoon and returned home 10 days later without incident. Two days later however was the BIG incident. It was in our garage and decided it was going to ST:AY there. Hubby called the dealer and told them to get this piece of JUNK out of our garage. Turns out there was almost $5,000 in bad sensors in it. Thank goodness for warranties! I'll take my 2012 Ford Taurus SEL any day!!!BTW- Hubby worked (retired now) for FORD.
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