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Debunking Gas-Price Myths

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imageDebunking Gas-Price Myths

Three Gas Price Myths article on Edmunds.com

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  • akumaakuma Member Posts: 70
    how is myth 3 a myth? the 50 mpg car used half the gas of the 25 mpg gas and was twice as good on fuel economy and four times as good as the 12.5 mpg car. i know the returns diminish considerably beyond 25 mpg, but the math remains the same.
  • hydrocarbon302hydrocarbon302 Member Posts: 1
    I dont know about some of you but $21.00 more a week for gas is a lot of money for a lower middle class family. We dont all make $50,000 a year. Also this section only deals with the cost of putting gas in your own vehicle(s). What about the increase of transportation cost due to rising fuel prices? When the price of fuel goes up, so does everything else.
  • family_coachfamily_coach Member Posts: 1
    The articles saying gas prices have little effect on the family budget are way off base. We in the middle-class, live in the real world, with vans and SUVs to carry kids. It is not about the last few months, but it is cumulative.

    - In 2004 I was paying an average of $ 1.80 /gallon.
    - In 2007 I was paying an average of $ 2.10/gallon.
    - In 2008, July, gas went up to $ 4.05 /gallon.
    - In 2010 I was paying an average of $ 2.60 /gallon.
    - In 2011 we are all paying around $ 4.00 / gallon

    For one car we drive 17,280 miles /year. At 20 miles/gallon times $ 1.80 that is $ 1,555 /year.
    At $ 4 /gallon it is $ 3,456 /year.

    An added cost of $ 158 / month for one car. We have two cars so we are paying at least $ 316 extra per month. This hurts.

    1. Our income increase has been marginal at best.
    2. Our buying power has dropped a lot as all prices increase
    3. We have had to cut back on everything

    ----> Remember: People lost jobs initially because families like us stopped eating out and spending less. So the people at the lowest end lost jobs first. Currently, Unemployment is at 15% for non-college graduates and only at 5% for college graduates.
    -----> High fuels cost are pounding down the poor and lower middle class, and no one is speaking up for them........ and articles like this are crazy! Signed, Pop
  • gunrunner10gunrunner10 Member Posts: 1
    The increase in the cost of fuel is going to do a lot more than affect our annual or weekly gas costs. It will cause inflation in about all the costs we have in our house holds. example: MY electricity bill increased about 30% ($50) per month due increased fuel costs for the electric company. Plus food has increased quite a bit. Recent articles on the increase in gas prices have stated that the increase in gas is good and it doesn't affect our standard of living.
    Bah! The oligopolistic oil companies must have stolen enough money to control articles on gas prices. Their oligopsony should be broken up by congress immediately. Instead congress gets large campaign contirbutions from the Oil Companies. Total corruption!
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