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imageFord to Pay 2013 C-Max Owners for Efficiency Miscalculation

After a protracted period of dealing with controversy regarding potential deficiency in real-world fuel economy of its 2013 C-Max hybrid, Ford said it will make a

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    This almost reads like Ford were permitted to ESTIMATE/GUESS the mileage of the hybrid models by the EPA. Then I read: "The procedure allows the automaker to test only the highest-selling model among more than one that use the same DRIVETRAIN. The general label rule then allows the automaker to apply that rating to other similar models without requiring the expense and time of testing each individual model." This implies that the cars with the hybrid drivetrains WERE tested, but maybe not every trim model. I find it hard to believe that the mileage would vary so much between different trim levels using the same drivetrain. Either the EPA's definition of drivetrain does not match that of the rest of us, or we are still being snowed here.
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    Why Ford C-Max Hybrids are getting low MPGs analysis.

    I have posted my report here:

    My math substantiates my test condition findings.  Should I have made a mathematical error, please let me know.   I reiterate, the C Max should be getting around 61 mpg at 60 mph...the math proves it.  Ford...if your reading this...please lower my engine RPMs in the next CVT firmware release!  I will also volunteer to test your beta version for free.  Thanks in advance!
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