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We Test the Tips Part II

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imageWe Test the Tips Part II

What Gas-Saving Tips save you the most money? We tested the tips to find the truth behind Fuel Economy.

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  • fushigifushigi Member Posts: 1,459
    I really wish you'd have run the AC v. windows test on the Lexus & not the pickup. With a truck's abysmal aerodynamics to begin with, opening the windows just isn't going to make it that much worse. But in a relatively slippery sedan the impact on aero - and thus efficiency - ought be much larger.

    (This is the same fault I found when Mythbusters tested this .. they used IIRC an Explorer with the aero of a barn.)
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  • urebelscumurebelscum Member Posts: 2
    About drafting, you made a few assumptions. Did the adaptive cruise control use the brakes? The advertisements seem to say they can. Also, I find I can accelerate softer than my cruise control in my last few cars; was the adaptive CC accelerating harder than a driver can? Especially after braking? Finally, are you aware that at least one car has higher gas mileage at 65 mph than at 55, the 1997 Toyota Celica, and another's mpg at 65 is higher than at 60, 1988 Chevy Corsica? http://cta.ornl.gov/data/tedb29/Edition29_Chapter04.pdf page 31. Slower speed usually means higher gas mileage, but not always true for all cars, as that study shows. (Although I haven't seen any studies that increase gas mileage above 65.)
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