99 Silverado/New Sierra aux. trans oil cooler

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I ordered 1500 reg.cab LB,5.3,auto,3.73,
heavy duty trailering equpt.,HD suspension,
255/70R16 tires.
My truck came in late april,without aux. trans.,
cooler.Window sticker for $285(other people on
this list were charged $190 when shipped missing
When I asked about it,I was told that they now
use larger trans.lines in this group option,and
the aux.cooler no longer needed.
I tow 10K per year and don't want trans.problems!
The window sticker states 8200LBS rating.
All other trucks on dealer lots have extra cooler
in middle of grill.


  • RichRich Member Posts: 128
    It sounds like the dealer charged you $285 for, well, perhaps, ah yes, the newest and greatest virtual reality aux. transmission cooler!
  • chevy4mechevy4me Member Posts: 203
    Dave were those larger transmission lines also filled with the new stronger trans. fluid?
  • miataman1miataman1 Member Posts: 4
    The sad thing is it's not just the dealer but
    GM itself.They built it and billed both the
    dealer and me.
    Per post#375 GM is aware of some missing coolers.
    I'll call 800# at GMC today,and hope I get
    someone with a light on upstairs (wish me luck).

    I'm sure GM didn't give me 22qts.of synthetic
    trans. fluid,to go with the invisible magic
    trans cooler.
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    If you payed 285.00 for the trailering option and you don't have the aux.trans. cooler. You are either short the cooler or overbilled 95.00. Dispite what the dealership tells you about the pickup not needing the cooler, you still paid for it. General Motors has sent out a service bulletin to all the dealerships (dated around April 12th) addressing the problem. The factory is aware of the problem.

    Once I convinced my dealership to pursue this, they found out from their factory Rep. what the story was. I am now in the process of having the cooler installed by the dealership at no cost to me.
  • miataman1miataman1 Member Posts: 4
    Gm parts to ship monday to dealer,and installed
    I can't believe how many people I had to go thru
    to get what is owed me.
  • djstepdjstep Member Posts: 26
    Know exactly what you mean. Had the service manager try to tell me that my pickup was not short the cooler, but couldn't explain why others had it. I told dealer about the service bulletin that was out. They said they couldn't find one, explaining the situation. Just kept telling me that the factory didn't do bussiness that way.

    I turned in a claim with the BBB and within a week, had the dealer explaining to me, that I was short the cooler, why I was short, and how they intend to solve my problem. Also, they found the service bulletin that they said they couldn't find.

    In all the process took 3 weeks to resolve a situation over a cooler that cost about 75.00.
  • RichRich Member Posts: 128
    I'm thinking about the way that your dealer does business. Two words come to mind. The first word starts with, ah let's not use that word. Let's just say that the second word is "STUPID".
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    i ordered the aux. cooler---how do I tell if it is on the truck???anybody??
  • miataman1miataman1 Member Posts: 4
    It's behind the GMC logo of your grill.
    Mine is finally.

    I got the cooler installed yesterday,buy no
    reason why factory didn't include it.
    What did they tell you?
    I leave 6/11 for apx.8-10k miles towing camper,
    I'm glad it's on.
  • djstepdjstep Member Posts: 26

    Understanding I have is that a computer at the factory had a glitch in the ordering program and as a dealer got an order accepted, the computer would print out a build order, but was omitting the aux. trans. cooler.

    The window sticker still billed the dealership for the cooler. Dealers have a service bulletin on this subject. But most have a hard time finding it. My dealer says he gets 30 to 40 bulletins a day and doesn't read them all.

    Dealer also says GM is making plans to correct the problem, but can't do a lot till they have enought coolers to go around. Sounds like they missed quite a few vehicles.

    All this info was relayed to me through the dealer, from his dealer Rep.
  • chevy4mechevy4me Member Posts: 203
    My missing cooler has been installed by the dealer. It seems to be the factory parts .I had to pay installation but I am supposed to get a check from GM for that. we'll see.
  • chevy4mechevy4me Member Posts: 203
    has anyone been reimbursed for the missing trans cooler?
  • soubeysoubey Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know for sure if the aux cooler comes with the tailering package? I ordered that package on my 1500 Z71 and the cooler isn't there. I went to look at other trucks on the lot and none of them had it either and they also had the trailer towing package. I called the dealer and they didn't know and then I called GM and they said one doesn't come with the towing package which by the way was option code Z82.. Does anyone have any specific info I can use to show whether it should be there or not? Thanks in advance
  • bill58bill58 Member Posts: 1

    I just purchased a 2000 Z-71. On the window options sticker under the title "TRAILERING SPECIAL EQUIPEMENT INCLUDES:" and a line charge of $285.00 is the "TRANSMISSION OIL COOLER" description. Hope this helps!
  • djstepdjstep Member Posts: 26
    Soubey, As you would read in previous post. There was a glitch in the computer at the factory that was omitting the Trans. oil cooler. A lot of vehicle went on sale with a window sticker for the trailering special equipment, price $285.00. These were missing the cooler. Once GM realized the huge mistake, it started rewritting the window stickers to $190.00 and left the cooler off the the description.

    There is a service bulletin to all the dealers that was sent out around mid April of 99 that explains it all. Regretfully, most dealers haven't read it. I guess they get 30 to 40 bulletins a day. So I here.

    I went through the same thing about 2 months ago. Fought with dealer for three weeks, and won.

    So, the first question for you is if you payed 285.oo for the towing package, yes you are short the cooler.

    Through my efforts, I got several replies that the new Silerado was designed to tow without the Aux. cooler, which it great, but I payed for one, and I want it on anyway.
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    My '99 1500 built in November '98 has the trailering package (Z82) for $285 and does include the transmission cooler. It's right behind the Chevy bowtie on the grill. How did they "forget" to put them on so many? Oh well, guess I should just feel lucky and go on. Good luck to all.
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    miataman1 and djstep,
    I have read the location is behind
    the chevy/gmc logo. What is the size
    of the missing cooler. I want to be
    armed with all the information possible
    before entering the battle.
  • chevy4mechevy4me Member Posts: 203
    It is about 12 inches wide and about 6 inches tall its mounted on a bracket right behind the bowtie . What I did before I went to the dealer about my missing cooler was to go look at new trucks on chevy and GMC lots to see first hand which had them and not . All the z82 equipped trucks had them. Mine was built 1-11-99 ,others around that time had them missing.
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