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    2001 Nissan Altima - Low beams inoperative - Must use high beams at night.
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    What do I have to do to get 20's to fit my car. My tire size is 245/35/20. Holla back at (832) 741-6816
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    its true its a 20 gallon tank , im a shop manager and i looked it up on all data. dont run it downto empty .....not good.
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    my altima has a problem if i turn on my aircon my engine will become eratic and suddenly the power decrease and feel so heavy the mechanics says thatit has something to do about my air flow control and censor...anyone knows how much is air flow control?????
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    You are probably looking at an IAC (idle air control motor)which is about 50 to 115, it depends. This motor control the engine idle spedd for when the a/c is turned on and for when the steering wheel is turned.
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    do you know how to fix that thing?im not comfortable when i drive my car...when i turn on my engine rhe idle is about 1300 rpm when i turn on the aircon the rpm will gow down to about 700 rpm...pls help me...tnx
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    the iac is usually in the air intake hose or underneath the throttle body or around it. On most cars, all you have to do is undo the bolts and take it of. On others, you have to remove the throttle body. Buy a Haynes repair manual from your local auto parts store for your car. Those have procedures for almost every make and model. THe IAC will be under the Emissions Control section or under the fuel and exhaust section. Good luck
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    ok tnx....i like my car so much coz it has a long but thin body and the engine is strong like the skyline.
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    Hello Forum users!
    Let me say thank you first for every post you made. Those were really helpful to me for choosing a vehicle I want to buy. I finally made up my mind and am about to buy 2007 Altima within a week. Before signing the papers, I have this one last question I'd like to ask about packages & options.
    I tried real hard to squiz 3.5SE into my butget but it seems like I need to downsize to 2.5S. In that case, can I still add VDC package on 2.5S? According to nissanusa home, it's not possible. I don't even know if I really need that but I just heard it's good to have. Maybe I better ask what VDC is exactly for? or is it worth to buy?
    Also, can anyone explain to me the differnce between Xtronic CVT vs. Trantion Control System, and ABS vs. ABLS(Limited Slip)?
    You may think it's a stupid question but I really need your advices. Thank you very much.
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    Yes, VDC or Traction control system are worth the money even if you need to pay for them. But Nissan is unfortunately not offering it for 2.5S models which is very sad. VDC basically helps in controlling the vehicle when it slips in rough weather. If you can compromise checkout Mazda6 sedan which is more car per money but lacks front head room and not as spacious and powerful as Altima. But drive is good. One last thing these 3 features are the beat safety options to have on any vehicle (1)Side Curtain Airbags (2)VDC or traction control (3) ABS in the order of priority.
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    Thank you so much for the information. I don't know why, but when I went to dealer shop today, they strongly recommended 2.5s altima instead of 3.5se which I wanted. Also, the dealer said all altima trims have Xtronic CVT, but after I read your reply, I checked out again on Nissan home, and found out they are not. It's an option even for 3.5se. Kind of depressed mode right now. Of course I didn't sign any papers yet. Maybe I need to study? more before deciding which one to buy. I really want to buy 3.5 SE... :cry:
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    Well, if you really want to buy the 3.5SE, then that's the one you should negotiate for - don't let the salesperson steer you otherwise. On the other hand, I'm quite OK with the salesperson giving me his/her opinion. I test drove the 2.5SL yesterday and was impressed with the pickup and smooth transmission. Because I commute more that 120 miles per day, I'm now inclined to get the 2.5 over the 3.5. Test drive --- go to a couple of other dealers ..... find out what the options are and which ones you want ... I've been doing research on various cars for a month and in quite a few cases I know more about the car than some salespeople (not all, because there are also some very good, knowledgeable salespeople out there)
    Good luck -
  • ororahimeororahime Member Posts: 6
    Thank you so much for your advice. I bought 2.5 SL yesterday. If I got more time, I would've reserched more. However, my car has been totaled 2weeks ago and I needed one ASAP. I bet edmund forum will be hepful to you too. For a short time shopper like me? it was the savior! Good luck with your car shopping too, and have a Happy new year!
    PS. have no complain for my 4-cyil anymore, it's way more than good enough for me. :blush:
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    I have just purchased an '07 Altima 3.5 SE with base AM/FM/CD radio. I tried to play a recently recorded CD containing five hours of MP3 New Year's Broadcast some friends of mine and I did playing records from the 1920's, but it would not play on the CD player--it said something about having no audio track. I could swear that the '04 VW NB TDI with base CD player that I traded for this car would play a similar CD made last year just on putting it in the player. I know my car has a plug-in for MP3 on the front of the unit, but does that mean it can't play an MP3 in the changer?
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    I would like an automatic starter for my 2005. Is this a good idea? Someone please help
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    Does anyone know if a trailer hitch can installed on the back of 2007 Altima? I am not wanting to tow anything large (trailer, boat, etc) but would like to use it for my bike rack... Any idea if this is available from factory or aftermarket? Thanks
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    Although you have bot the 2.5SL, here are some quick explanations.
    ABS: You only can have ABS option on the 2.5. ABS gives you the auto release of any one brake right before it locks up therefore you can brake hard without losing control due to any tire(tires) slipping form locking up. It actually do better than what you can humanly do in panic braking and combined with avoidance steering. An aircraft then to race car then to consumer car feature.

    ABLS: appologize I have never heard that term. Traditioanl limited slip is a internal design in the rear driving axle to constantly make the two tires almost lock up to turn at the same speed as if they are linked together on a single shaft as in a toy car. That was more evently force the power to both tires thereby limiting the chance of slipping one tire on a race track or just on snow.

    Traction Control System is automatic (usually electronic these days)cutting off some gas and/or some will also automatically tap the brake on whichever drive wheel that is slipping due to power beign more than what the tire friction can hold on whatever surface it is on to bring it back to not slipping. It is intelligently taking away the power which is causing it to slip. You benefit from much less screw up or tire slip from too much gas on snow/ice/rain; and when it is hard acceleration on dry ground, you are less likely to break away. In theory,it is not a feature for serious hot rods.

    Stability System, which Nissan call VDC is mostly for saving our behind from our non-professional screw up especially entering turn too fast by bad judgment or beleiving we can mke it; or from panic steering manuever at high enough speed. I don't think it can save you if you are grossly over the limit. Not a race car feature but life saver, roll over saver, etc. and it is for fools like you and me, especially the fools who can afford a expensive fast car but not sense what he/she is doing. It is basically of higher electronic intelligence. It will sense you are gradually loosing in your front tire(tires) or your rear tires,the former is technically called understeering/'plowing' and the latter is oversteering/'sliding or whatever' and till use a combo of cutting gas/power and braking the appropriate tire(s) to 'pull' you (try to)back to not losing to gain overall control as well as hope to manage to have reduce you overall speed to under the limit.... the TV will describe this as roll over protection. It is basically recovery from sliding into the ditch or from swing/rolling into a roll over. I don't take this a snow feature.

    So, by now, you have brake w/ more control, accelerate w/ more control, recover from turning out of control.


    CVT has nothing to do with your trying to control your 4 legs on the road. It is a theoretically more ideal transmission which gives you infinite gears Vs the automatic or manual. It is basically a metal bell which can flex like a round robber belt and wrap around two pulleys. Think of one beign like the front sprockets of your 10 speed bike and one is the gear sprockets on the back wheel your bike. The belt is like the chain. Visualize that somehow the belt can climb up and down the pulley as if you move up & done those gears when you shift but now it is stepless. Good benefit is shown on the better gas mileage in driving conditions w/ road speed changes here and there but not necessarily cruising at 70 on a lonely Texas Hwy.

    Anyway, your choice of the 2.5SL is a pretty good compromise for some comfort, some fun, but not driving needing the car to save your behind because TCS and the optional VDC are only on the 3.5 and 3.5SE respectively based on my understanding.
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    Does anyone have the Navigation System on the Altima. Can you describe the ease of use. Also does it do TTS (text to speech) So instead of saying, "turn left at the next intersection", it would say "make your next left at Canal street"

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    I have the Altima Navigation and it's incredible. The touch-screen, accuracy, ease and voice directions are incredible. It does not however read streets names. It does seem to speak major highways, such as interstates and toll roads.
    I drove a friend's car last week and needed to go to home depot in an unknown part of town... it was then that I realized how addicted I was to my navigation. If you take trips or enjoying new parts of town, it's incredible.
    It was a no-brainer finding the next cracker barrel on my I-95 trip. :)

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    Hi, did you ever find a solution to your hitch-07 Altima challenge? I finally found a company that sells them and they were able to give me a local dealer who could install it. BUT... I would really like to have one of the 'hidden hitches' or similar... I was wondering what you have found?

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    Has anyone heard anything about remote starters with the 07 Altima's push button ignition? I spoke to a dealer today that told me there's no remote starter on the market right now that will work with the new Altima. Anyone else know anything about this? Thanks
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    Anyone out there have good results on regular fuel?
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    Swapping for my 07 3.5SE trunk lid with spolier, any one?

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!! Spolier is not my love.

    Anyone has a Dark Slate color trunk lid with NO spoiler to swap for one w/ a spoiler from a Brand New Dark Slate 07 3.5 SE? Prefer someone in any state bordering Iowa/Illinois becasue anything beyond driving distance is prohibiting.

    Even a 2.5 model will work but each of us will have to cover ourselves for the model number logo. I will keep my chrome piece above license plate.

    In all cases, I will take your third brake light if removable and the spoiler itself has that fancy brake light built in.
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    No, I did not every find a suitable hitch. I also would like one that is hidden as much as possible. I like to bike and really like my current bike rack and want to be able to use it.
  • cybiscybis Member Posts: 3
    good news - I just had a hitch installed on my 07 Altima. It was made by Curt. Time to recharge the seadoo!
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    it most likely does. keep in mind, the fuel pump in the tank sits a few inches above the bottom of the tank, so you can't use last gallon. thats done because over the years, water will accumulate in the tank, and you don't want to be sucking it into your engine. in addition to that, there is probably a reserve of a gallon or two, and you guage will intenitonaly read empty before the tank actualy is. that's so people who run it down that low wont' run out of gas.
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    I traded my 02 Maxima for 07 Altima 3.5SE full load, and alas no Xenon Headlights. Does anyone have a favorite brand and or experience with conversion kits that would support a sound recommendation.

    Thanks in advance.
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    hey im new to this forum since i just purchased my new altima. i have a couple of questions i hope somebody could answer for me. i have the bose 9 speaker system in my altima and i was wondering where the subwoofers are located and if they are the ones in the back how come i dont hear any sound out of them. i know they are used for bass but i thought you hear something out of it. also what are the best modifications for the treble and bass. i have everything said at 0. bass, treble, fade, etc. any time i raise the bass or the treble all you hear is thymbing if you sit in the back seat.
  • gwilsongwilson Member Posts: 46
    That is good news!! Thanks for the info! Any pics possible? Would love to see how it looks.
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    The two back speakers are the sub-woofers, you'll also have two in the lower side of each rear door that carry full range. I tend to fade mine +1 to the front, to take away from all the bass. I set the bass and treble settings at +2 each and get a good overall sound. balance of course is at zero. You really need to play with it, and in varying kinds of music. It's a very good system that just needs a little tweaking here and there. Did you get XM radio? I just got mine hooked up, lots of fun too!
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    I have a 3.5SE and have tried both. You'll get one or two miles more on premium, and better performance. I get suprisingly good mileage on regular around town, say 22. On the highway with premium i've gotten 28.2
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    thanks for the info i appreciate it greatly. yeah i got the xm. it rocks, loving the squizz and bone yard stations. does anybody else notice that the yellow warning comes on that u need gas when your in between the E and quarter of a tank and also the range starts blinking. i was wondering how many you can go further when that starts blinking.
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    I've pushed about 30 after blinking. at that point, i needed 17 gallons to fill up. considering it has a 20 gallon tank, could have got more. but, not sure how much of that 20 gallons is useable. they always put the inlet a few inches off the bottom of the tank.

    but speaking of warning lights, I had one come on the other day for low windshield wiper fluid. can't help but wonder what else the car will warn me about. :)
  • bv050506bv050506 Member Posts: 97
    My light goes on when it says I've got about 35 to 40 miles left, say two gallons. But it was interesting to note a post a few back about there always being 1 gallon left so water doesn't get into your engine...never knew that. The little yellow exclamation point is light anytime a warning exists. Kinda in addition to the center orange cluster warning.
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    I just got my new altima 07 2.5S on the 20th and am wanting to get a hitch for my bikes as well (so i dont have to drive the pathfinder around). can you please take some pics of your car with the hitch on and email them to me?

    [email protected]

  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    No need for email - everyone has a CarSpace page where they can post their pics for all to see! :-) Check the MyCarSpace link at the top of the page.
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    I bought a base 2007 Altima, I'm looking into getting possibly an "after market", satelitte radio or GPS navagation. But I'm looking into keeping my car close to factory as possible, by looking to find a factory antenna. Would anyone know how to retrieve such an antenna and if so, would it be compatible to a satelitte radio?
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    I have a teenager. Is it possible to recall where they have been?
  • mm99mm99 Member Posts: 25
    Hi, I've just bought a new 07 Altima SE with tech package, which forced a rear spoiler on me. I dislike spoilers strongly enough to bother to get rid of it, but somehow everyone else seems to like them. So anyone without a spoiler would want to swap the trunk lids? It's precision gray and has a rearview camera (so yours should have it too, which means yours would be a 07-08 SL with tech package). I'm near Boston.
  • bv050506bv050506 Member Posts: 97
    Just letting you know, I was vehemtly opposed to the spoiler as well. When my car arrived it had the spoiler and initially I was upset about it. As time went on, and all the positive feedback I got about it, I learned to actually like it. Because it isn't raised and naturally comes from the truck makes it more palatable for me. Perhaps you should give it a couple of weeks. Good luck with your search. It may be even cheaper to just have Nissan send you a new lid! All the best.
  • ken75ken75 Member Posts: 52
    We just purchased a 2008 Altima 2.5 SL and none of the packages included fog lights. Nissan wants $310.00 for the parts and I don't know how much for the install, or maybe that includes the install, I'm not sure. Can anybody point me to an after market dealer for fog lights? Thank you
  • stefanenyce808stefanenyce808 Member Posts: 3
    Good morning, I am not sure if you have already purchased a set of fog lights, but a company on ebay who is a whole seller for Nissan parts. Here is their item number 140198158256 for the fog lights, I have already purchased them and installed. Hope this helps.
  • ken75ken75 Member Posts: 52
    Thank you, I'll give it a shot.
  • jresjres Member Posts: 69
    Does any one know about removing the shift knob on a 2008 2.5 sedan with a six speed? I make my own and would love to replace this one, but the reverse lockout button/lever concerns me. Most knobs just unscrew, but is the lockout lever connected to the knob?
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    i have a 2002 3.5 as well and i love it...first thing i did was change out the intake to a cold air and what a difference...the sound is amazing after 4k was the exhaust and put on apex n1 mufflers with titanium tips and cut out the resonator...u can see a big difference in performance from stock with these upgrades..the only bummer is there are a lot of maf sensor problems with an intake on 02 models...i bog alot at mid rpm's right now..
  • kosarfankosarfan Member Posts: 11
    Bummed out! The Altima with the NAV can not support the ipod interface cable...was told either install the cable and give up your rear camera or get the model w/out the nav. I'm leaning on going without the Nav for full functionality of the IPOD and saving about $2k....what do you think?
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    I Recently bought a dark slate 2008 nissan altima 2.5 s with a convience plus package, i love my car but the only problem is that i see too many nissan altima's, so i wanted to make my altima unique.... but i really cant think of any thing to do. First i wanted to instal a pop out dvd player but im thinking that when it comes out it will block my a/c...... if any one has suggestions please let me know
  • bv050506bv050506 Member Posts: 97
    Here's what I did that added a lot of character to the car....get the windows darkened! I have dark slate also and it adds a lot to the looks. I'm also considering a new grille. I have wider tires than the stock Protanza's and they add to the look as well. Can't help you with the dvd player, just redirect the air to other vents.
  • deucedubdeucedub Member Posts: 2
    do you have a picture... i already had tinted my car windows and also the a/c vents cannot be redirected because it is the main three
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