2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 First Ride

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image2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 First Ride

Is the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 the ultimate track car? We find out with a ride at GM's Milford Proving Grounds.

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  • noburgersnoburgers Member Posts: 500
    Good article (except for the tire/skivvies comparison). A 5 yr/100000 mile warranty for a track car is amazing. It looks like GM has created a collectible--how many do you think will be purchased and then just stowed away?
  • shatnershatner Member Posts: 176
    GM wasting money....
  • greenponygreenpony Chicago, ILMember Posts: 531
    "GM wasting money...." . . . On a car that stirs up people's enthusiasm? On a car that takes its powertrain from the GM parts bin? On a car that is quite possibly better on a track than cars costing 50% more? You know, you're right... GM should instead be busy trying to copy the latest Corolla.
  • 66vette266vette2 Member Posts: 3
    I really like this car. I don't care fore the wheel lips. They distract from the nice lines on the car. Awesome car.
  • the_momentthe_moment Member Posts: 1
    @greenpony, your opinion makes no sense. Why should gm copy a corolla??? The 2014 one looks like a dodge dart. Also, the new tundra (Made by Toyota) looks like an F150 from the inside. This Camaro looks sweet and the numbers back up its capability of shre
  • adairtadairt Member Posts: 1
    It's sad that Chevy has to create a 7 liter engine with no a/c just to compete with a 5 liter Mustang....lol...sad
  • mboilymboily Member Posts: 15
    @ adairt
    I'm thinking more like: OUTCLASS the 5.0

    The Z/28 will be for Track Club members.
    I want 2 please.
    Great Job GM.
  • ks55ks55 Member Posts: 8
    Pricing is yet to be announced. However, GM's brass says it will be more costly than the ZL1, or something north of $57,000. This may appear steep at a glance, but the Z/28 is a car that exhibits singular purpose like few cars on the road anywhere near this price. GM plans to produce only 3,000-4,000 units of the Z/28 over its two-year life, so the car that's easily the most capable, focused and track-worthy Z/28 ever devised will also be scarce...........

    .........yes because how many knuckleheads will be willing to pay 60k for a Camaro no matter what the performance, eh? There comes a point where a car like this is just silly face cost vs performance ratio. Although PT Barnum did say .........
  • longing4pastlonging4past Member Posts: 1
    Why the hype for a car that's over weight, over priced, and a car manufacture that has forgotten about the real enthusiast that a hot rod doesn't need anything except Wheels, Motor and Body. Not all that electronic nonsense that adds weight and sissy accessories. One use to have a car built the way they wanted but those days are gone due to all the ridiculous foolishness and greediness of the industries. I'm old school and all you so called thinkers have made it hard for those like me who appreciates and understands the true nature of a beast.
  • willabeestwillabeest Member Posts: 1
    OK which is faster around a real track, the Z28 or a stock Stingray, because it sounds like they will cost the same $$.
  • eillobeillob Member Posts: 1
    Beautiful car but like so many of GM's offerings I can't afford it either. I like the idea of dropping in the Z06 engine I've been sceaming for it to be done since the Camaro came out. The problem is I was hoping it was gonna be affordable. I just don't get it with GM. You have an SS Camaro that most can't differentiate between the V6 or the V8. Kinda sucks for V8 owners. On top of that its easily defeated by the Mustang GT let alone the Cobra. Dollar for dollar the Mustang creams it. So now what, you decide you want more then what the Camaro can offer performance wise and something that sets its self apart form the thousands of V6 look a likes flooding the streets. The Zl1 or the even more expensive Z28? For what there asking? Now your almost forced to go for the Cobra. What else is gonna deliver over 500 hp and still be somewhat affordable.
  • sol93gtsol93gt Member Posts: 1
    "In creating the Z/28, a car that its creators regard as a rival to the 2014 Porsche 911 GT3 and 2014 Nissan GT-R, GM's engineers largely ignored street use and instead turned their attention to doing whatever was necessary to improve its road course lap times. This is a track car, not a daily driver," says chief engineer Al Oppenheiser."
    0-60 4.2, 1/4 mile 12.5, Skidpad 1.05, for $75k without A/C? Holy waste of money Batman. The only reason GM built this Camaro Z/28 (3000 total, what's 3k to100k each year we'll never see one) was because they built the ZL1 to beat the GT500 and in 2013 they got their asses handed to them. Not only in acceleration 3.5 0-60, 11.6 1/4 mile for the GT500, 1/2 a second faster than the ZL1, Motor Trend tested both at Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway on the same day, driven by Randy Pobst, and the GT500 beat the ZL1 by a second. That's it, even if this over weight pig of a car can't beat the Mustang in acceleration, they'll strip the damn thing, dump the super duper awesome Magnetic Ride Control suspension for a race car suspension called Multimatic's DSSV suspension system - Dynamic Suspensions Spool Valve monotube shocks with F1-style spool valves, Semi-Slick tires using 305/30ZR-19 Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R's with a wear rating of 60! Also they went with a stupid expensive Brembo Carbon Ceramic Disc Brakes that brakes 3 more feet from 60 mph than a ZL1 with steel disc brakes, lol. Motor Trend tested it against a Porsche 911 Turbo S, and a Nissan GT-R which are in totally different leagues than this car yet since it beat the Porsche around the road course by 17 thousandths of a second, they said the Z/28 was the better car. Excuse me? Since when is an overweight pig of a car like the Z/28 that's slow as [non-permissible content removed], that costs $75k because the manufacture put race car suspension, tires, and brakes on it, then put in a 505 hp Corvette Z06 engine, and is slower than the ZL1 even though it's 300 lbs lighter, make it a better car than a Porsche 911 Turbo S, and Nissan GT-R. You guys better start saying something about this crap before this becomes the norm. Slow [non-permissible content removed] cars that handle better are being called better performance cars? Seriously? You guys gotta join in and pass this along and tell all the car magazines and auto news organizations that we're not gonna put up with this crap. It's crap, it's always been the cars that are in the same price range are tested and if they handle, and brake similar, the better car is the one that is quite a bit faster than the other. Now they're gonna try and change it on us. Screw that!
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