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2015 Lexus RC Coupe Gets New Red Paint Color

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edited September 2014 in Lexus

image2015 Lexus RC Coupe Gets New Red Paint Color

The 2015 Lexus RC Coupe will be available in an unusual new shade of red.

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  • guy1974guy1974 Member Posts: 119
    Looks likes Mazda's Soul Red which is a rich and expensive to make color.
    Glad to see Mazda ahead of the curve, again.
  • patrickwpatrickw Member Posts: 32
    Lexi just seem to get uglier and uglier to me: the grille looks like it was already in a side-crush collision, the rear looks like a parody of BMWs "Bangle Butt", and the hood looks like it is trying to imitate the dreadful Infiniti style.

    More importantly, they handle like boats.

    If Lexi weren't so reliable, I'm afraid they would have nothing to commend them.
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