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Ford Expedition Owners Meet the Members



  • Hi Everybody,


    I am the owner of an 03 Expedition XLT that has most of the bells and whistles. 4x4, larger engine, autotrack, upgraded sound system, sun roof, 70/30 3rd row seats, etc. I am really impressed with the way that it handles but a little disappointed in the maintenance problems. I was one of the first owners of an 03 and it was our primary vehicle for about six months and now is my wife’s vehicle for driving around the suburbs of the Washington Metro Area. She has previously had a few fender benders and one major accident and I wanted her and the family to have a little more protection. We also have a large family and needed the extra room and I didn’t want another minivan.


    We have over 36K miles on the vehicle. It is not holding up well and I will probably sell it sometime in 05. Lots of small and large problems as compared to my Toyota.


  • Hi everyone. I just bought, 800 miles and counting, a loaded Expy and Love it! No air suspension though. I have friends that are service manager and mechanic at a Ford dealership. So, I got the inside scoop on maintenance issues and when to buy before I bought. I'm a Realtor in the Maryland/DC metro area. I use the truck to carry clients around and haul my 18 month old - wife and dogs around.

  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    ... I just bought an EXPI EB 2005..magnificent in all respect and a good deal when compared what the others offer at a much nore price...sometimes as much as 5-10k more...I hope all continue to be es expected...
  • geno001geno001 Posts: 6
    Bought 2/14/04, 22,500 miles currently and counting, change oil/ filters and rotate tires. Best vehicle we ever owned. Every option available. 3 hour drive every weekend to the beach and back, drives on the beach all weekend. We love it. Never a problem. Has all but air ride, nav radio and stability. Wanted limited slip rear, can't have that with stability system. Its all good!!
  • lcanulcanu Posts: 1
    I currently have a 04 EB Expedition.......major problems and I am about to take legal action. At 14K brought in for shaking of the wheel and front end. They attempted many things with no luck and then replaced the Torque Converter. This is unheard of in a vehicle with low mileage. Then at 22K the car was still doing the same thing and now the front end was acting strange as well as the brakes. Brought it back in and this time they replace Rack and Pinion, Ring and Pinion, both front brakes, two rotors and the 8th coil....... in addition because the seat heater was not working they replace heater control module.......... the car still shakes when sitting still, drives like crap and now make rear end noises and does not always start. I am dealing with the Ford Rep and if they do not buy me out within the next two weeks I am going to file with the Dispute Settlement Board. Anyone out there have anything to add?
  • fordman6fordman6 Posts: 1
    The brake dust is normal on wheels that are open. Notice the dust on closed wheels? It isnt a bad thing it is just normal, thus the ability to observe the brake pad wear through the wheels. It has to go somewhere.
  • Hello,

    I recently purchased a 2000 EB expy & am fully enjoying all it has to offer. It had the proverbial "one owner" that went back & forth to the grocery store & on an annual vacation in the spring. It has 52,000 miles on it & purrs like a kitten.

    The unfortunate thing is there was no user manual available (struck me as funny as well). I'm curious about the factory alarm & how it works. I've never owned a Ford & am looking for insight.

    Thanks in advance for any/all information shared!
  • molosmolos Posts: 1
    It's not the tires. I have new tires and it still shimeys
  • fitguyfitguy Posts: 222
    I have a 2000 XLT, also bought used/one owner, and it has been very reliable, now has 44K mi. I did get a manual but don't know of anything unusual about the alarm function: key fob, inside lock buttons, or door kepad all activate the alarm; key fob/keypad deactivate. We did have to pay a dealer to get the kepad code for us (cost about $30) so we could custom-program our own special number.
  • I own a 2001 Expedition Eddie Bauer the subwoofer in the rear has completely stopped working. I unplugged the amp and the sub and plugged them back in and still nothing. Does anyone know anything about it? I checked all the fuses and if it were a fuse I would lose other accessories. There is a relay exclusively for "audio" but I do not know if it is for the sub. Any ideas????
  • hi there, I am in the market for a new or newer car. I have 5 grandchildren and we do lots of camping, boating etc. I am looking at an excursion. I like the cargo room and 3rd seat. I'm kind of torn between an expedition, excursion, or suburban. Any suggestions? I pull a small pop-up camper, but want to buy a larger camper. so i need a good tow capacity. jackie
  • Hello All!! My name is Chance and I live in the Canadian rockies in
    beautiful British Columbia. I have a 2000 ford expedition and am enjoying
    it as hard as I can. I am part of a 4x4 club called funinbc. I am
    known as the crazy American who takes his expedition anywhere. Besides
    big tires, tougher suspension/shocks, it is stock. I have had it up rock
    walls, through the tiniest goat trails(over acutally), through rivers of name
    it. Greatest vehicle I have ever owned. Have not had to replace anything
    on it...well just a fender, a stump jumped out one day. Anyway, thanks for reading and hope to add more great stories down the road. If there is an area to post pictures, I will...
    Bye for now!!
  • I LOVE MY FORD EXPEDITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! leaving dependable chariot started and died in the same instance!!!
    Happened OVER and OVER again!!! :-(

    She's setting on our to best term this????????
    Bar flies swarm!!!!!!!

    Do any of you who share my love have any healing powers???
    I know she's lonely! :-)

    U.B. Woman
  • ">I'm the 3rd owner of a 1998 Expo. XLT, limited slip, tan cloth, 6-disk CD, 4.6 Triton, and 81,000 miles and still running strong. The first owner was a lease in Ill., and then sent to auction and purchased and driven for 3 years in Lafayette were I purchased it from a Pontiac dealership. This Expo. is amazing. I have been in love with the Expedition since it first came out in 1997, but was too young to own one until this year. So, respectively I did the right thing went out and bought one. When I purchased it, it only had 78,000 miles and i have only had it a few months a few trips to Indy about every week will put some miles on there. But, all I can say is that I am in love with the Expedition and already have my next one picked out a 2003 black, XLT Sport with 36,000 and about every option it is owned by a friend and I told her that when she wants to trade in consolte me first.
  • sometimes the ford keys get stuck too far forward...cutting off power to all you vehicles options except the starter...happened to me before...
  • jddaerojddaero Posts: 3
    It happened on my '94 Explorer 2 or 3 times. Had to replace the ignition switch @ 130,000 miles.

    Good Luck!

  • capri1003capri1003 Posts: 1
    I drive on the highway (no city miles with my car)---how many miles can I expect to get? I'm hoping at least 150,000---is this too optistimic/unrealistic? Right now I have 112,000 on it and I'm having transmission problems so I'm wondering if it is worth fixing.

  • khris1khris1 Posts: 1
    I have the 2004 Ford Expedition 4x4. I also got the famous shimmy and bind in the front end. When it acts up, the steering and brakes are unresponsive. Ford will not buy back because I did not buy new. I bought used with plenty of warranty left. They have replaced hubs, relays(?) and numerous other things. I even had to replace the tires which were not worn. Do not bother, the car still has the same problem. I am also considering taking legal action. It is shame Ford would deny the issue even though there are TSB's on it . I guess they would rather wait until I have an accident than fix it now. Any ideas on problem would be appreciated.
  • wharlowwharlow Posts: 1
    I am in the middle of a complete interior removal and customization of my 3rd '98 Eddie Bauer Expedition. I will be posting pics and descriptions of all the changes later. I know you all will be impressed. Heck, I think FunkMaster Flex might even use some of my ideas on his next project. That being said, I bought my 1st '98 new and put 387000ish miles on her, and believe me, she wasn't babied. The 1st week I had her crossing a river. I was sold. You won't catch me driving anything else.
  • I have an 03 XLT 5.4L that I bought used in April with 37k miles on it. So far I have put almost 10k miles on it and have no mechanical issues with it. It looked like new and has been running very good. The only issues I have is with the alarm triggering for some reason and the cd changer not playing all of my cds properly but thats not a really big issue. I plan on changing the radio for an aftermarket one, the same with the alarm. So far I am happy with my 2nd Ford SUV the first being a 98 Explorer.
  • stilll5stilll5 Posts: 3
    I am a 25 year old female and I own a 2001 , ford , expedition , xlt , maroone color , I am having a problem with my driver seat . when I push the button to adjust my seat forward and backwards it makes this rumble dragging noise . I am unsure to take it to the dealer . I am afraid it will cost to much to fix .My assumption is the seat has some sort of motor and maybe it has a shortage like my son power wheels.Does anyone have a clue what could be wrong with it ??
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