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Ford Expedition Accessories and Modifications



  • sjaffesjaffe Posts: 1
    I have an 01 EB expedition. The factory installed flip down screen in blown. It also came with the HUGE and stupid VHS system located in the front center console, but i took it out. Does anyone know if i can replace the flip down screen with one that has a built in DVD? Or if not, will the Audiovox VOH701 fit? It looks the same on the website, but there are no dimensions. Any thoughts? The problem is that the headliner is molded, so it makes it hard to instal something. It's VERY size specific. Anyone know???
  • I'm looking for heavy mods. for my '03 ExPy (5.4-2wd) & i didn't get any thing interesting, does anyone know where can i get them 'coz im really confused?? :confuse:
  • ">my sunroof got stuck in the open position and i dont know what could be wrong. any ideas? also i realllllly need a 3rd row seat and was wondering if anyone knew where i could get one and around how much it would cost
  • I'm new to the forums and I have an Expy 04 EB and experiencing the same problem, I'm actullay thinking about adding tweeters like in the pilars behind the third seat.
    Someone got any ideas, and what did you do to improve the sound?
  • The sub-woofer does not sound good to me. It's stock on the '04 Expy EB -- sitting in the 2nd and 3rd rows is pretty annoying. Am interested in having a mid-range speaker in place of the sub. To me, it will be much more tolerable back there for passengers. Any ideas

    Thanks in advance.
  • I just bought a 98 expedition with the am/fm casette, that has the controls for the cd player. The changer has never been installed, at least anywhere that I can find holes for it. The dealer (a Ford dealer) quoted me $449. to install one. They are avaiable on ebay from $50-$150, so guess where I will by mine. My question is, is the wiring harness existant (perhaps under the console), and where do these typically install? I am told inside the HUGE console. And if you guys recommend any specific place for harnesses, etc. Thanks. Glad to be in a Ford again, never another GM as long as I am alive........
  • ihave a 2003 xlt I purchased a navigation system for a 2005 does anyone know either where i can buy the plug harness to convert or who makes system so maybe i can get a diagram?
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,929
    go to and put in '02 EB expedition. it should return the original tire size to you. if that does not work for you, post back here. it should be pretty easy.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • i have a 98' Ford Expedition eddie bauer, and I don't know how the alarm works. I dont know if it has an alarm, but it has the remote for it.
  • in between the two front seats i think? there's some sort of box, that is closed. at the front of that "hand rest" there's a handle to open it up. Thats where I have my CD changer in. I have the same truck. An Eddie Bauer. That's all I could tell you, thats all I know. Good Luck.
  • i dont have and 98 but i think if you have the remote for it. you shud press and hold the panic but until the alarm sounds. sometime it looks like a horn on the remote or the red button. press the unlock button to turn it off. i think thats how it work if i am not mistaken. god bless
  • I've heard that Explorers & F-series P-ups can be altered from A4wd to 2wd by 'cutting' an orange wire that runs under the drivers floor mat/carpet. If that's the case, can the same be done to a '99 expedition, effectivly accomplishing what newer models come standard with? Is the 'wire' in the same location? Are there computer/ electronic ramifications in doing so?
  • wponewpone Posts: 1
    Does anybody know the easiest way to direct wire a radar detector? I would like to wire it into the center console if possible and run the power wire around the dash and up to the rear view mirror area. Any thoughts? How can I safely explore under center console? Thanks
  • I'd like to install an automatic starter in my 2005 Ex. Any idea on type, price, make, installation? Thank you, Mike
  • I'm looking for an AUX adapter so I can listen to my iPod through the factory speakers. I've found a few but have a quick question. Some of the adapters mention Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE). Is this the factory installed DVD player or the rear radio/cd controller located on the back of the center console? I have the standard AM/FM/Single CD with AUX button in my '06 Expy XLT Sport.

    Also, anyone out there have any inputs/likes/dislikes on any AUX adapters? Best one out there? One to stay away from?

  • I have the 2006 Eddy Bauer Expedition and I want to upgrade my 17 inch rims to 20s. Trying to get the real scoop/pros and cons. I have heard that 20s heat up brake rotors, cause speedometer and odometer to be off, and you lose towing capacity. I see things on almost every expedition in town, can it really be that bad? I am making a big mistake? Please advise.
  • i was wondering if anyone Knew the answer to this, actually quite curious myself "I've heard that Explorers & F-series P-ups can be altered from A4wd to 2wd by 'cutting' an orange wire that runs under the drivers floor mat/carpet. If that's the case, can the same be done to a '99 expedition, effectivly accomplishing what newer models come standard with? Is the 'wire' in the same location? Are there computer/ electronic ramifications in doing so?" ;)
  • jonnqjonnq Posts: 1
    I'm curious whether you noticed a change in horsepower and mileage, also how it sounds and what brand you went with and whether it was a "Cat back dual" system you purchased? I'm thinking about doing the same thing.
  • HI, has anyone ever taken off ( replaced) the dahboard front plastic cover? 2003 and up. I have a 2005 and I'm having the cover factory woodgrained ( dipped) and need to remove and replace this cover. Body shop stated they would do it, but their book states it is a 6.5 hour job?? Its just the front plastic overlay???

  • Did you ever receive a reply to this? I just purchased a 2005 Expedition with the rear DVD, and would like to purchase the navigation system as well.
  • I recently purchased a cold air intake through ebay (big mistake) the instructions are very vague and tech support is non existent. there are a series of wires going to the air filter housing, but on the new cold air intake there is no hook up for these wires. the guy from "tech support" told me to leave them unplugged. Is this right? He couldn't tell me what they were for and I his lack of knowledge has raised some red flags. Is it o.k. to leave these wires loose? Please help! Thanks!
  • I have a problem with my door lock; Everything seems to work fine except when exiting the truck, the door lock does not unlock, front passenger door does unlock on exit, but the drivers door doesn't. I am disabled, and am grateful that I have the door code memorized, or I may have been in trouble had I left my keys inside. I assume it has something disconnected it unlocks with the key, code and the unlock button, just doesn't work as expected when I exit the vehicle.

    Also, I was wondering if I could install the temp/compass unit that goes near the rear view mirror if I can purchase one, are they all pre-wired?
  • shm64shm64 Posts: 4
    Just bought a new '06 EB Expedition 6 disc CD stereo system with SAT button/no nav. I thought I was good to go for listening to Sirius radio except the monthly fee. Didn't know I would still have to buy a tuner etc. Dealer wanted $550 and I thought that was way too much! Was I right? Where can I get what I need installed cheaper? I am a newbie to satellite radio so please be specific with any help (what I need and approx.cost). THANKS!
  • Please Help my w/ my DVD installation !!!!!!!!!!I have a 2003 Expedition w/ the sunroof and rear ceiling AC. I bought the vehicle with a rear ceiling DVD taken out. So, I purchased a factory DVD and found that the one prior was an aftermarket rigged up to plywood above the headliner. Since the factory model is heavier, it won't hold up to plywood. Besides, the rough dirt road that I live on will cause it to fall out. I need to know how to install this. I read about a support bar but no direction to find one. Also I need to know what wire harness is needed or is there a direct bolt in behind the headliner. I really would appreciate some insight since the dealers won't talk unless you have cash. Thanks for your time.
  • A single 40 series Flowmaster with dual turndowns has had my truck turning heads when I drive by. I plan on cutting my cats before to long, even though my check engine light my stay on until I get some O2 sensor simulators.
  • kenk3kenk3 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Eddie Bauer Exp w/Nav Radio, 6-disc changer and rear DVD entertainment system. Does anyone know of an adaptor that wires into the factory radio for my Ipod Nano? Id be willing to get rid of the cd changer to do it so is there an adptor that can wire directly in to that slot?
  • hemanhimhemanhim Posts: 2
    I recently purchased a 2002 Expedition with the VCP option. VCP works fine, but I'd like to replace with a DVD without a lot of hassle. Does anyone have any experience with this? I'd like to be able to just pull out the VCP, stick in the DVD (located in center floor console) and plug in the DVD to the existing wires. Any recommendations?
  • hemanhimhemanhim Posts: 2
    Did you ever find the answer to your question? I am interested in this also.
  • radairradair Posts: 2
    I recently purchased an '06 Expedition without the fog lamps. I was wondering if there is anything else I need to do besides buy the fog lights to have them work. The expedition has the wiring harness already and all the fuses/relays to operate the lights, but they still don't work. What could be the problem?
  • radairradair Posts: 2
    Would anyone happen to know what the part number is for the 05-06 Expedition 6 disc in-dash cd changer? Thanks, Ron
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