Ford Expedition Care and Maintenance

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I have found that using turtle wax gives a great shine. I use their wax and car wash. Iam interested, what do you guys use to wash your tires? You know, to make them look shiny black. And what leather cleaner is best?


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    I've heard from many detailers that Lexol is the best - I'm in the process of trying it on my 2000 Sable. I've had real good results from 3M Car Show Paste Wax.
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    I have two dogs so my seats get dirty very often.
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    has any one installed a air intake system,did it give better mpg and more hp as avertised?
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    I installed a washable K & N air filter in my 2003 EB, the design is such that it takes in more air, the engine breaths better. I noticed an immediate increase in acceleration, and MPG has gone up 1.6 to about 2 MPG. I am planning to install an after market intake kit soon. I Will post the results after i install the intake kit.
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    Hey guys I just put brand new 22 inch wheels on my 2003 EXPY and it looks great. I paid $2600 for a set of four wheels and tires with installation.
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    When i put my car in Drive or reverse... my expedition starts shaking... Check engine light is on also... I got the problem checked and it was the oxygen sensor. Replaced sensors... Problem still occurs... RPM also goes up and down when i turn on A.C. in drive position... any idea what the problem could be?
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    I'm having the same problems with my Expedition. Mine is a 98 with about 75,000 miles and has been doing this for a little while now. I've also replaced my sensors and it hasn't helped anything. Were you able to find out what the problem was and how to fix it? Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.


    Ray T.
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    Hey I also put a set of 22 inch rims and tires on my 2003 Exp. Got any pics? I am looking to start a website for ford expedition owners to put pictures on.
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    can someone tell me how to change the breaks on my 03 Expedition EB...i had a cherokee and it was easy but i can't figure out how to get the calipers off on the Expy.
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    I have a 1998 Ford Expedition (Eddie Bauer) and just recently I have been having problems with my air condition. It doesnt blow cold air. It blows fine but there is no cold air. I have gotten the a/c looked and they said the hose was fine, but it was short on freon. I added freon and it was back to normal. However wthin about a month, it is back to not blowing an cold air. It still blows air great but it just hot air. I also noticed that when the a/c gets turned on it makes a noise. It does it until you turn it off. It sounds like a rumbling. It starts for a few seconds and stops for a few seconds. I am not sure what the problem is. All I know is that when it starts blowing hot air, and I take it to get it looked at they always tell me the freon is low. Any advice is greatly appreciated
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    i have experience this air con problem on our Ford Chateau E-150. Twice we injected freon and it was okay for two weeks but back with no cool air. Culprit was a pin hole freon leak at rubber hose and fitting for the air con system. Refer to a car air con techn and pinpoint the leaking hose.
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    We have two 2003 Ford Exped. One has a normal idling of 1000 rpm but the other one has only 500. Usually, the engine stops during heavy traffic w/ the engine on idle mode. We replace spark plugs but didnt work. Anybody who had experienced such trouble? Pls help.
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    2001 Expedition calls for 5W20. I use Mobil1 Synthetic. Could I use 5W30? It seems to be more readily available and easier to find. Could it hurt to switch?
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    After removing the caliper bolts, the Chilton manual says you can just lift it away to get to the pads. I can't figure out how to do this .... what's the trick ?? Any help would be appreciated, THANKS
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    i have a 99 explorer that i just bought and climbed beneath it to grease the ball joints. no such luck no fittings and there are only 2 on the front end. i read that the places where the fittings should be may be plugged so back under and yes they are but with what. cant get a wrench on them are they knock outs? need some help on this
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    I have a ford exp 2003(eddie bauer). My door ajar warning sign stay on quite often. Now when I insert my key to the ignition, the driver seat either hesitated to move forward to the pre-set position or does not move at all. Does anyone has an idea what might be the issues here before I take it to the dealer? Thanks for your thoughts & suggestions
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    of course you asked this two months ago, but if you still have the problem spray a little WD40 in each of the latches. They tend to get gunked up. Spray and cycle the doors. It has worked on mine twice in the last 3 years.
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    I am looking at purchasing a new 2006 Expedition Eddie Bauer. It is black exterior. The only thing is I don't like is the trim that Eddie Bauer packages have on the exterior. This one is gold. Would it be difficult to get them to paint it black? How much should I expect them to charge? Thanks!
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    I'm not sure if it is still an option, but there used to be an EB option for black and red Expeditions that made that trim body colored.
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    I discovered something unbelievable. My 2003 Eddie B. Exped. was a smoker's truck. I was able to remove GRIME from the seats that did not come out with PrepSol (mineral spirits), or Lysol cleaner by using the Armor All clear wipes. It took some elbow grease but it worked mint. Then I wiped them well with Armor-All protectant wipes. B.J.'s wholesale club has the Dual wipe tubs for $9.99 each comes with 50 wipes. Tan interior is now MINT! Good Luck.
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    Expedition Owners with problems that are intermittent but nonetheless problems that have never occurred before on your truck that is still under warranty. Beware of service departments and their lack of responsiveness to your problem.

    I have a 04 Exped. XLT that is having a intermittent starting problem that the dealership service department first claimed they didn't see happening. Experienced it once by the Service Manager but claim has not happened since. Because it is not a pin pointed problem or one that they can get a code on, they may give you the run-around or tell you they can't fix it because it is intermittent and they can't get it to happen for them.

    When you have a problem like this with a dealer be sure that you are documenting everything that is going on so that you have a case when or if they start jerking you around saying they can't fix it. Had a service manager tell me that Ford told them that if they can't pin point the problem or get a code on the problem not spend time troubleshooting the issue. I spoke to a rep from Ford Motor Company and she said that what the service manager told me was wrong.

    So beware if your truck is under warranty they may be reluctant to give your truck the full attention it needs. I am by no means saying that all service departments are like this because I have found a service department that has said that they will do the necesary work to resolve my problem....
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    Video evidence is always good to have too, if the gauges/controls/driver info display shows what is going on. Video came in very handy with my GMC lemon case.
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    :( MY 1997 EXPEDITION XLT 4X4 4.6LT (146,000mi)gives out a bluish looking smoke from the exhaust...i put some no smoke treatment in and it seemed like it solved the problem(for now)it seemed like the smoke was worse when the a/c you have any idea why i produce (BLUE SMOKE)I WAS TOLD BY ME USING SYNTHETIC OIL I SHOULD NOT PRODUCE ANY SMOKE.....I USUALLY BUY THE SYNTHETIC OIL WHEN ITS ON SALE,I TYPICALLY USE CASTROL SYNTEC,PENNZOIL AND VALVOLINE WITH A REGULAR OIL FILTER(K&N SOMETIMES)IS THERE A BETTER BRAND SYNTHETIC???AND WHAT ABOUT THE OIL AND AIR FILTERS????THANK YOU.....
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    I don't know that the air conditioner should make any real difference except that it puts a bit more load on the engine. Blue exhaust from the tail pipe usually means that oil is getting onto your spark plugs (i.e. in the cylinders). Using a more viscous oil may slow down the leakage into the cylinders but you may have to replace some seals or gaskets in order to fix the problem permanently.

    And, by the way, I recommend turning off your CAPS LOCK. People tend to ignore messages typed in ALL CAPS.

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    which brand synthetic oil,oil filter &air filter would you suggest for my vehicle....i would like to keep it for another couple years....thank you...
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    The folks in Engine Oil - A slippery subject Part 2 should be able to give you recommendations.

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    Yeah put a block in front and behind the other wheels still on the ground, then make sure to release the emergency brake if you have already removed the right bolts with the allen wrench heads on them, then it should come off no problem, before you replace the new brake pads you must clamp the caliper down flat, then apply the new pads with the silicone on backs, and slide the calipers back into place replace the bolts and lightly torque them down to about 15 lbs I believe, check the manual to be sure on the torque foot pounds. then be ready for the bleeders, loosen it on the cAliper, have someone in drivers seat pump brakes to top and hold them to the floor several times till you see clear fluid, then lock the bleeder, repeat on each side as you go.

    Take care
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