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2015 Porsche Macan Starts at $50,895 Posts: 10,059
edited September 2014 in Porsche

image2015 Porsche Macan Starts at $50,895

The base 2015 Porsche Macan S will start at $50,895, when the so-called

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  • ed341ed341 Posts: 0
    That's interesting since the Cayenne starts at $49,600.
  • Buy 2 base models for the price of the loaded top turbo and you probably would be pretty happy. 340 hp is pretty darn good for a 3.0, too bad you don't have the 0-60 times like you have for the 3.6 engine
  • Wow. Here's my compare: My wife's 2008 BMW 535xit was $65k brand new (it was pretty loaded up).

    If a comparably equipped 2015 Macan hits $75k, it's going to be an outstanding value in 2017 when it starts to hit the CPO market.

    Can't wait to test drive it. If it offers the Porsche experience in a plus size model, I'll be head over heels. Excellent look and the rear end and tail-lights do an good job of giving the 'tiger' influence in the same way the cayman emulates the gator.
  • An Audi SQ5 has similar performance numbers to the Turbo version for a lot less money. And I wouldn't be surprised to see BMW drop a version of the new M3/4 twin turbo into the X3 as a response.
  • hank39hank39 Tallahassee, FLPosts: 144
    That's a lot of buttons to the left and right of the shifter.
  • pommahpommah Posts: 71
    I cant believe people pay that kind of coin for a vehicle like this. Just buy a nice Outback and take 10 really nice vacations. Or give the extra to charity.
  • With Porsche's brilliant list of options available, the lowest price found would be around $65k.
    We'll see if it is worth it.
  • "You can get into a 2015 Macan for around $50,000 ..." ROFLMAO!!! When will Edmunds stop drinking the Kool-Aid given out by all the luxury brands about their starting prices. They never WILLINGLY import any vehicles in the absolute base spec, and I would lay odds that many Porsche dealerships would invite you to have sex and travel if you tried to special order one in that style.
  • Actually the base Macan will more likely be $37000. Anyway, I'm waiting for the S -E Hybrid version with inductive charging or the Diesel version. One negative is that the sloping roofing line cuts the cargo space to only 53 cubic feet.
  • I agree - I don't like the sloping roof which cuts the space. But, my wife and I do our hauling with my SUV's 93.8 ft3. Looking at replacement for her 10 year old VW GTI which has been a great car for her. The Macan has smaller cargo with seats up, but about equal with seats down. Longer wheel base. More panache. And decidedly higher price. I will have to admit, while buying what ever car for my wife, making the decision to lay out the $ for the Macan would be driven by my strong desire to "borrow" her car as frequently as I can. Years ago when making a career change I needed the cash and sold my 1958 TR-3. My wife said she wasn't going to touch that decision. I replied, I was ok with it - but some day I would get a sports car that was drivable year around. Perhaps I can sell my wife on the Macan, and on her letting me drive it some.
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