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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • I bought a 99 Expedition brand new and it now has only 32,000 miles but the right hand head gasket has needed to be replaced twice so far. Once at 12,000 miles and then again at 30,000 miles 2 months ago.
    Now the transmission has gone out, won't back up and trans fluid smells real burnt.

    All in only 32,000 miles. The dealership won't even talk about causes.

    Anyone know of similar problems or what I can do?

    Ford's customer "hot-line" is a complete joke, absolutely useless. They won't even talk about on=going problems or root cause's of such.

    Any suggestions short of setting fire to the vehicle would be appreciated.

  • bought a 99 Expedition brand new and it now has only 32,000 miles but the right hand head gasket has needed to be replaced twice so far. Once at 12,000 miles and then again at 30,000 miles 2 months ago.
    Now the transmission has gone out, won't back up and trans fluid smells real burnt.

    All in only 32,000 miles. The dealership won't even talk about causes.

    Anyone know of similar problems or what I can do?

    Ford's customer "hot-line" is a complete joke, absolutely useless. They won't even talk about on=going problems or root cause's of such.

    Any suggestions short of setting fire to the vehicle would be appreciated.

  • haemonhaemon Posts: 19
    Has anyone experienced a grumbling noise (which seems to come from the front of the vehicle) typically immediately after you start the vehicle, or immediately after the vehicle is shut off. If so, what was the problem and how did you fix it?

    Thank you.
  • Haemon... What year and model is your Expy? Do you have load leveling on it? If so that is probably what it is. I wondered that too. I have an 01' EB loaded and when i start and sometimes shut off engine i get that. Freaked me out @ first but it's just leveling itself. 1 thing to make you notice is park in front of a garage and just stare at the from of your hood. Mentally mark where it is and then turn on your engine if you look closely you can see the front end lower or raise. Hope thats what it is.

  • We have a 99 Expedition in which the engine keeps dying especially in rainy or cold weather. please help with any advice-we've changed the fuel filter and my husband is now in the process of changing the spark plugs
  • Perhaps you should take your expedition to a mechanic so that he can look at the throttle configuration. Unless your husband knows how to do it. given that the engine keeps dying out I might think that the spark plugs have nothing to do with it. the problem might be the throttle. The engine might not be getting enough air and therfore dying or the sensor in there might have gone bad. most likly it is the adjusment screws that have to be re-set so that the throttle can stay open therefore allowing the engine to breathe. I would suggest taking the vehicle to a ford ealer or such place that is qualified to work on thier vehicles. good luck
  • We were able to find a similar problem when we looked at the F150 Forum. The IAC was clogged-taking it off and cleaning it with some carb cleaner worked miracles-No more problems and it's driving like new again
  • I've had a 93' Explorer, since given to my sister and it has 223,000 miles on it and it still hasn't had a major problem. It doesn't even burn any oil. I also have a 97' Expedition with 233,000 miles and again never a problem. I'm still getting about 14 mpg hwy/city. I'm expecting my new 03' in a few days and hope I have the same good fortune I've had with my past two.
  • I am wondering if any 2003 Expedition owners have had problems with Advancetrac-Traction Control Systems. The day after purchasing my Expedition the Advancetrac indicator came on and message center informed to check Advancetrac. Dealer had it for 2 days and was waiting for parts, but after nagging exchanged it for identical model. A week later the same problem occured on the new unit. It was returned to the shop where it was reprogramed in 5 minutes. It has been approximately 2 weeks and now the problem is re-occuring. Please advise if anyone has had similar problems.
  • I have a 2003 expedition also and experienced a similar sound when turning. It appeared to be coming from the front, but after further review the sound was found to be transfering from the rear. You should take your vehicle back to the dealer and have the rear inspected. My vehicle now needs a new rear. Having only had 4,000 miles on it, this is definitely not a good thing.
  • Anyone know where the headlight sensor is on the 1998 Expedition, it controls my auto on lights?? They only come on when its dark enough. Trying to find where the sensor is located?
    Also can I change the fog lamp bulbs to another color like amber?? Anyone with suggestions. Thanks
  • I have a 2003 expedition. From driving it off the lot, there was a helicopter noise in the front left end. This progressed to a loud growling and grinding noises. After returning it to the FORD garage for defects, the differential was replaced. Again, 1 week later, the same noises re-surfaced after being put into 4 wheel drive. The differential was replaced with 900 miles on it, and now it has 1800 with the same problem. Again, this was returned to FORD and now from what we are told, FORD is not repairing the vehicles until they have a fix. We are told to drive the vehicle, but I cannot imagine it is not causing more damage to drive. FORD MOTOR COMPANY was called, but they do not respond to you or even acknowledge you have a problem, other than the person you talk to when you call. Is there anyone out there with this same problem. Our FORD garage says there is, but we have yet to find anyone.
  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857
    I can't tell from your description if you have the same problem as a lot of us by try this link.;f=13;t=000558

    Let me know if it doesn't work.

  • The headlight sensor is dead center on the horizontal surface of the dash about 3" out from the base of the windshield. It is a round disc next the little rectangular grille.
  • I had the same problem about four weeks after delivery of my 03 EB Expy. They first did the "reprogram" of the card not once but twice. Finally, order a new module, which sits in the middle of the car on the floor under the center console under the CD player and storage. Thats what fixed the problem. It took 3 weeks for the Ford Dealer in Atlanta to make the repair. I made the purchase through a friend that owns the Lincoln Dealership outside of Atlanta. After the repair I talked to him and he told me they had replaced three modules on the Navigator so far. Good luck.
  • The grumbling is probably the air suspension working to keep your truck at ride height. It should come on after you start the vehicle and 45 minutes after you turn it off. If you are not sure if you have the air suspension, look under the glove compartment. There should be an off/on switch.If you have the switch then you have the air suspension in your truck. You can also look under the rear of the vehicle. Hope that helps.
  • I just bought a used 99 EB Expedition. I normally wouldn't buy such a large vehicle, but I have 4 kids and needed the space. The author of msg#53 seems to have a method to the madness of controlling the beast. Please share your techniques. Also, does anyone know how I can get my hands on a manual. I barely know how to work lights and stereo. Also, I notice slight vibration when pressing brakes---I am not even sure if the vehicle has ABS. Who knows?
  • Our 98 Expedition will just up and die and will not start again. We've taken it to the Ford Dealer 8 times, its has cost me another $5,000 in parts and labor. Every computer module has been replaced the anti theft locks have been replace. The ford dealer says he can't figure it out. We travel back and forth from NH to IL and we were at a toll booth in OHIO and it just quit. The toll booth had to be shut down and we had to call a wrecker and have it towed to a ford dealership there and they can't tell us whats wrong. Any body have any suggestions???
  • Just purchased EB 03 expedition 3 days ago and advancetrac light just came on and won't go off- we only have 200 miles on the car. This seems like it is going to be a huge headache!
  • Looking at purchasing a 98 Expy (first ford) with 110K hwy miles. Vehicle looks & sounds like new but in my estimation the up shifts are way too slushy. Is this how fords shift? Slip & Slide Powerglide?
  • pegramjm...i own a 99 Expy XLT with 48K miles. The vibration when braking is probably due to warped brake rotors due to heat. Just got mine replaced a couple of months ago. Notice the vibration will get stronger if you don't get it replaced soon. I believe all 99 Expy's came standars with ABS. As for the manual, check e-bay or your local auto parts dealer, unless you're looking for the original Ford manual.
  • majkich,

    I too am experiencing the same problems. The dealer said it registered a computer code 16070. Maybe they were feeding me a line to make me feel like something was being done. They said Ford engineers are working on a fix, but it could be 6months or longer before a fix would be available. They also told me it would not harm the vehicle. I have a 2003 XLT 4WD. I drove it off the lot in A4WD and didn't change it until we went on a trip and the vibration/griding started. It had less than 2000 miles on it when it started doing this. I switched to 2WD and it stopped. Shortly after we returned from our trip it started doing it in 2WD, so I took it to the dealer. After that I put it in 4WDH and drove for a while and it didn't seem to do it, maybe because it is slightly rougher ride in 4WDH. Anyway I switched back to 2WD and it doesn't do it near as often as it did. It seems to be more of a problem in A4WD than in 4WDH or 2WD.
  • I have a 99 XLT with 65000 miles, when turning sharply at low speeds (turning into a parking space)it begins to shake or vibrate, seems to coming from the rear. Also had to have the transfer case speed sensors replaced about 2 months ago (4X4 Light stayed on) Anyone have similar problems?
  • Do you have the limited slip rear diff? Have you ever had the rear diff fluid changed? It sounds like the clutches binding up. If you haven't serviced it before, it is time. If you do have the limited slip, specify that you want the "limited slip additive" put in with the new fluid.
  • Thanks I'll try that, It does have limited slip the fluid has been changed once by jiffylube. I take it ther because the oil filter is nearly imposible to remove. I've never herd of limited slip additive is it available in part stores? or does it have come from the dealer
  • It should be available anywhere. It is sort of like slick 50 for the ltd slip - it gives a little extra lubrication to the cluthes to keep them from binding up. It is very common although I don't know if jiffylube would put it in without you specifically asking for it. You can probaly add it without taking the cover off if you have some plastic tubing and can siphon off some fluid via the fill plug.
  • Has anyone else encountered these problems? I live in Boston--middle of winter here now--and am thinking these may be weather-related:

    1. Driver's window SOMETIMES won't go down when I first try it in the morning. I've got to press the button 5...6...7 times before the window rolls down. After that first hesitation, it works fine.

    2. Yesterday, each time I was in Reverse my reverse sensing system was going nuts (steady beep) like I was on top of an object. However, NOTHING was nearby. I got out and cleaned the sensors, but still had the steady tone.
  • While I'm logged in. Another item to ask about:

    I was shopping for remote starter/alarm packages and am told by one shop that they'll have to replace my key (with the chip) to install the starter.

    Yet a family member also has a chip in her Mountaineer's key and didn't have replace that or her fob when she got the remote starter. I hesitate to replace my fob since my original Ford one is much better made than most fobs I see with these packages.

    Anyone else have experience with remote starters on 02 Expeditions?

    And, if so, what kind of "additional charges" do you find for installation on the truck? Most places I spoke with won't even QUOTE a price because "we won't know until we begin the work."
  • I just bought a 00 E.B and so far am very pleased with the vehicle. While not expecting to get good mileage I am kind of shocked that at this
    point I am only getting 10 mpg in town does anyone else get this kind of mileage I believed
    they were to get a lil better mileage than this.

  • Are you using the trip computer or calculating it?
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