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2013 Toyota RAV4 Ditches V6, Gets Sassier Look Posts: 9,975
edited June 2015 in Toyota
image2013 Toyota RAV4 Ditches V6, Gets Sassier Look

The 2013 Toyota RAV4 goes under the knife and emerges with a sassier look, but minus the optional V6 engine, Sport model and third-row seat.

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  • nsense Posts: 5
    Congratulations you guys posted a BMW article with RAV4 pictures and a RAV4 title...
  • What were they thinking? Nice exterior changes, but removing the V-6, Sport model and 3rd row seat??

    For 2014 please restore these options, or Supercharge the 2.5.
  • As an extemely happy owner of a 2012 Rav4 Sport, V6 with 4wd, I am pleased to see that Toyota has livened up the styling, brightened the interior and added a 6 speed AT. However those are the only positives I see. The current V6 Sport 4wd is an amazing to out handle and accelerate most sport sedans while getting good mileage, excellent reliability and capable of towing my 2,200 lb boat out of the worst launch sites. Unless Toyota re-introduces a V6 or turbo powered Sport with turned suspension, my first Toyota will be my last.
  • We have owned our 2013 Rav4 for about 4 months. We love it and have had no trouble,so far, it has enough power to haul us around town and is easy and fun to drive. I have no complaints about the A/C in the back seat as I never ride there, let complainers drive their own car. I am a real gearhead and I appreciate the nice fit ,finish and design of this vehicle. It has way more bells and whistles than I really need- did someone say the mirrors retract? The liftgate is powered and operated from 3 places and adjustable. It is a Limited, whatever that is (out of over 200 vehicles I have owned this is only my 2nd Toyota) I never liked [non-permissible content removed] cars because I thought they bombed Pearl Harbor until John Belusi set me straight that it was the Germans in Animal House after that I quit buying Mercedes.
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