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imageShelby GT Ford Mustang Returns

The new-generation Shelby GT Ford Mustang was unveiled at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show in one of the more important customization announcements.

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  • pommahpommah Member Posts: 71
    shelby mustangs were what they were not just for what they had, but for what they didn't.

    Useless stuff like sound deadening material, back seats, knicky knacky accessories, etc.

    And they upgraded the brakes too, not just the suspension and motor.
  • ks55ks55 Member Posts: 8
    pretty plain for a Shelby. My favorite ....a red '67 Shelby GT 350
  • boff_boff_ Member Posts: 51
    Value? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! You could execute those mods for $4000, easy (except the rather sad body kit). Plus you'd be a fool to buy one of these before the 2015 Mustang bows. But if the Shelby name means that much to you...
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