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imageToyota Plans New Vehicle Safety Systems for 2015 and Beyond

Toyota is showing off a suite of active safety systems aimed at reducing traffic accidents and collisions with pedestrians. The automaker says it will begin introducing the systems around 2015.

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    What happen to attentive drivers watching the road! More interesting here; is the lack of information or innovation related to power-trains? Carry over engines and transmissions year after year. Example Toyota Tacoma is on an 8+ year cycle with no major changes for 2014, same gas guzzling engines and dated 5-speed autos, what’s that you say? Rear DRUM brakes for the NEW 2014 TACOMA, yes sir its true! 2014 Highlander SAME carry over V6 engines; where is the innovation with the V6 and V8 engines in your Trucks and SUV’s? To include; better fuel management systems, Direction Injection, Cylinder-deactivation, Turbo’s and to a much lesser extent diesel options. Here we land in 2014 and predominately 5 speed automatics carry over! Sure you have some 6-speeds “available.” In "some of" your vehicles. But your competitors are running 6, 7, and 8 speed autos [9-speeds rumored to be on the way] and they offer Direction Injection, Cylinder-deactivation, Turbo’s, Diesels and as a result have HUGE fuel saving gains in there trucks and SUV’s. I won’t mention the BIG-3 all offer those technologies; reliability and re-sale aside, they all OFFER it. Saw a commercial last night on TV – e.g., The ALL NEW Toyota Tundra – Did I miss the wagon? New front clip and grill, heads lights might look different, modified tails lights, sure the rear tail gate has Tundra stamped in the steel. But the SAME Gas guzzling V6/V8’s carry over, same transmissions, drive lines, axels, and brakes – ALL NEW…? Anyone now what the automotive definition of “ALL NEW” is in today’s market? I hope Toyota has some serious innovations in work for power-trains very soon! OK guys/gals I’m done, back to Barret Jackson auto auction!
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    Excerpts from above link are below, read the whole link for more supporting data, direct from Edmunds: The V6 MPG is listed in article, not the V8: I believe the I-force V8 is 15 MPG combined! {V8 MPG = 17 Hwy, 13 City, 15 Combined}

    Excerpt: “The base 2014 Toyota Tundra with a 4.0-liter V6 engine returns 16 mpg in city driving and 20 mpg on the highway, according to the EPA.” {See above Tundra link for details}

    Excerpt: “However, the powertrain, chassis and the components under the sheet metal remain unchanged. A redesign or significant re-engineering had been expected by now but was delayed due to several factors, including the tsunami in 2011 that destroyed portions of Japan, the recession and other factors.” {See above Tundra link for details}

    Excerpt: “Specifically, at issue is building "the right truck with the right power plant that meets government CAFE regulations" beginning in 2018, he said.” {See above Tundra link for details}

    Direct from Edmunds, see the Corolloa link…..Excerpts below are from the above link...

    Excerpt: Under the 2014 Toyota Corolla's surface, it's pretty much business as usual, too. Base models get the SAME 132-horsepower 1.8-liter inline four-cylinder engine driving the front wheels “through an antiquated four-speed automatic transmission.” {See above Corolla link for details}

    Excerpt: “From the outside, this Corolla is still far from inspiring. Our Corolla LE Eco tester, with plastic plates covering its steel wheels and vast expanses of unadorned sheet metal, is unlikely to turn even its owner's head.” {See above Corolla link for details}

    Excerpt: “Even the digital clock from generations past remains, making it look dated relative to most of its competitors.” {See above Corolla link for details}
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