2014 Buick Regal Gets Updated Inside and Out

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image2014 Buick Regal Gets Updated Inside and Out

The face-lifted 2014 Buick Regal, which debuted on Tuesday at the 2013 New York Auto Show, gets interior and exterior tweaks.

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  • xprojected_xprojected_ Member Posts: 8
    "The horsepower numbers may be going down in the 2014 Regal GS and Regal Turbo"

    Not quite - HP is actually up 18% from the 2013 Regal Turbo, rated at 220 hp.
  • greenponygreenpony Member Posts: 531
    The article only addresses the Regal GS and does not address the Regal Turbo; I'm not sure why Edmunds added the Regal Turbo in their final comment. If the figures are accurate, power is indeed down in the Regal GS, by 4%. Noticeable? Probably not unless you're in a race with a '13 GS, and maybe not even then.
  • ed124ced124c Member Posts: 0
    No mention that the 2014 Regal will have AWD models?
  • garrymgarrym Member Posts: 27
    I'm not worried about a slight drop in horsepower, I can only go so fast down the the highway. What I do want is something in reserve when I'm cruising at 120 kmph on my favorite 4 lane south of here.

    Oh, and can interior designers put a little more colour inside these new cars? Black and grey, black and grey, sheesh.
  • lcosta75lcosta75 Member Posts: 7
    Still, nice to have the 6 speed manual option. Now let's see the sport wagon version, and I'll be 100% sold!
  • fortstringfortstring Member Posts: 111
    i'm pleasantly surprised by the restyle. the design looks much more cohesive and less suggestive of a chinese market origin. in other words, damn, not bad.
  • fortstringfortstring Member Posts: 111
    well, except for the turbo front fascia. couldn't they just trade that for the normal front? spoke too soon gah.
  • zimtheinvaderzimtheinvader Member Posts: 580
    it is on my short list. I liked the test drives of the current one
  • silverraritysilverrarity Member Posts: 2
    Lets hope the Manual is offered in the AWD, its the only way I'd put it on my short list of possibilities.
  • metalmaniametalmania Member Posts: 167
    Turbo and GS will both have the same engine, so I think the difference for GS will be mostly suspension and maybe transmission calibration along with its model specific interior items. Slight drop in HP from the current GS but a decent jump up for the regular turbo. I read elsewhere that the power and torque curves have been engineered for better low end and more immediate response. That along with the steering tweaks and revised interior sound like they have addressed the biggest complaints from when Edmunds had their long term (or I guess that one was a "medium term") tester. If the AWD is decent this sounds like it has become a really good piece, if anyone pays any attention to it. I wish the sport wagon was coming here, if so it would be on my short list.
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