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2014 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring AWD Long-Term Road Test Posts: 10,006
edited September 2014 in Mazda

image2014 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring AWD Long-Term Road Test

We've cleared 5,000 miles in Edmunds' long-term 2014 Mazda CX-5.

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  • fordson1fordson1 Posts: 1,512
    a corner "martial"? Did you use your strong kung-fu to black-flag people leaking oil? Auto-incorrect strikes again...
  • stovt001_stovt001_ Posts: 799
    What corner were you at for the flags? I've tried contacting Cal Club to get involved but they never get back to me. But I talk to one person at Laguna Seca and now the Northern California SCCA chapter won't leave me alone.
  • penboypenboy Posts: 8
    Wow, were you parked on the first floor of the structure? I think I was parked about 4 spaces over from a red CX-5, I never even thought to check if the one I saw was the LT car.

    Also, which turn were you working? I was working with Race Management for credential checks, moving between pit exit, turns 6-8, and the back straight. It's so great being right on the track for those races, and as this was my first time doing it, I'm coming back every year now.
  • actualsizeactualsize Santa Ana, CaliforniaPosts: 451
    I was MARSHALLING at turn 5, which is great because the morning meeting is essentially right there.

    @stov001: contact Ceci Smith at: [email protected] You'll need to work a couple of SCCA Buttonwillow, Cal Speedway or Willow events before Long Beach next year. She can point you in the right direction, put you in touch with the Flag Chief.

    Twitter: @Edmunds_Test

  • actualsizeactualsize Santa Ana, CaliforniaPosts: 451
    Or better yet, go to this page. All of the specialty chiefs are listed, including their name and contact information.

    Twitter: @Edmunds_Test

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