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imageDog-Safe Driving

Buckle your dog into a harness and seatbelt for his safety — and yours. And never leave him in an unattended car.

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    You can purchase Special Harness' for your Dog, but, you may have one already, which will do nicely.
    I use my standard walking/jogging Harness' for mine, and purchased two additional Leash's which I mounted in my vehicle permanently.
    I just slipped the Loop down between the bottom back of the seat, and tied it to the seat frame, adjusting the length where my animals would not be able to be thrown forward with an emergency stop. The whole assemblies for both Dogs cost less than $25.
    When we get them in to go, they already are wearing their Harnesses, and we simply snap them to the installed Leash's. When they aren't in use, they don't get in the way what so ever.
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    Great Article
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