Diesel, Gas or Hybrid?

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imageDiesel, Gas or Hybrid?

Diesel, Gas or Hybrid? article on Edmunds.com

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  • stevenc4stevenc4 Member Posts: 1
    It's surprising that the first diesel vehicles (non commercial) in the US are cars and NOT SUV's? I would think that many SUV owners would welcome getting a20-30% MPG increase. I for one am switching from an SUV to a deisel VW car simply for the MPG increase but would love to be able to remain in an SUV.
  • cbnfldcbnfld Member Posts: 1
    I would stick with a 4 cylinder gasoline motor . It'd been around for a 150 years and very less complicated than a diesel or a hybrid motor, plus less expensive to buy or maintain.Less stress down the road !!!
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