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Automotive App of the Week: Sprint Drive First

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imageAutomotive App of the Week: Sprint Drive First

Sprint's Drive First app disables calling and texting when it detects that a car is moving at speeds above 10 mph.

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  • manaboulsimanaboulsi Member Posts: 1
    I approached Telecom companies, like I approached dozens of other industries while trying to promote a complete solution based on real Human Factor and Ergonomic basis, but it seems that they are only interested in frills and image than they are interested in a full solution.

    These type of apps are just another money source to companies and not a complete solution and a PR stunt, no more no less.

    They are not safety solution. Why? The apps can be overridden by the driver or can be configured to allow certain calls In and To specific number. At that time, the driver will be right back where the problem begin and he is subject to driver distraction.

    These applications and similar ones are as good as turning the phone off and then turning it back on when you need to use it. It is actually easier to do so manually, then to enter and exit the application while driving.

    Driver Distraction is not about talking on the phone and the latest research by NHTSA shows that the converstaion is not the risk factor as the NSC and older research claim. so we should not be preventing conversation but preventing distraction.

    A True solution to preventing driver distraction must be built on true Human Factor and Ergonomic priciples. The need is to integrate man, machine, enviornment and regulation into a single system.

    My company website, www.iQ-Telematics.com exhibit such a system. The system is not on sale so this is not an advertisement but a proof that there is a real solution outhere and we should cut the pure greed and the mickey mouse applications that is totally useless.
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