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How To Tow a Trailer Posts: 10,037
edited February 2015 in General
imageHow To Tow a Trailer

How To Tow a Trailer article on

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  • I would like to add that the best way to tow is with a manual transmission. I used to tow a 5000 lb race car trailer all over the mid west and would never buy an automatic. I once had a Ford Dealer near Chicago tell me you could not tow with a stick shift. What an idiot! You have so much more control with a 5spd.
  • Towing services are so needed these days. The search for a reliable, affordable, and reputable towing services company should be the goal. I suppose you can find temporary towing services, before you actually sign up with the right one.
  • Bethany_FBethany_F Posts: 1
    Thanks for this article- lots of great information. Another option is to use a towing service if you don't have the proper vehicle for item you need towed.
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