Fuel-Efficiency Finds: Cars That Get at Least 30 MPG Combined

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imageFuel-Efficiency Finds: Cars That Get at Least 30 MPG Combined

For city drivers concerned with fuel efficiency, here's a list of cars and trucks that deliver fuel economy of at least 30 mpg on the EPA's combined city-highway scale.

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  • bojestebojeste Member Posts: 1
    What? No Kias?
  • bobw3bobw3 Member Posts: 2,989
    Looking at the list, the regular Prius seems to give the best MPG for the most interior space.
  • rpmckeerpmckee Member Posts: 1
    why is it that diesels are always scored wrong, my wife has gotten between 43 to 51 MPG nowhere near 35. How lead footed do you need to be to get the results you post for the 2012 Passat?
  • jodelljodell Member Posts: 9
    Diesels and most conventional hybrids typically do worse on EPA test - and thus get worse results than in real-life - bec. of the way the test is designed.
  • drjjjjdrjjjj Member Posts: 25
    Bought a Prius 10 years ago and saved $20,000 in gas vs 25 mpg avg car! Car paid for itself-free car! Also, low maintenance and best re-sale! New Prius more upscale, more power and room and better gas mileage-50 mpg avg! It'll cruise all day at 80 too with a 5 dr and still get 40mpg+! Engineering master piece!
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