Best Transmission Fluid?

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I was wondering which brand or type of transmission fluid would you recommend, and where can I usually find it? I have also heard that a pump is needed to completely change the oil. And what is a good transmission fluid change interval?

Thanks... more info about transmission fluid would be appreciated.


  • mike_542mike_542 Member Posts: 128
    Oh, and is there a difference between Dexron II or III, etc?
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    Try posting this in the "Transmission Trauma" topic.
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    Manual or automatic tranny?

    --- Bror Jace
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    or when the tranny shudders, whichever occurs first.
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    Had 2 cars that were improved by change over to synthetic transmission fluid.
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    Dexron III replaces Dexron II.
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    Mercon V has a tremendous range of legacy fluids that it replaces. Check it out. You'll be surprised.
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    is the one recommended by your owners manual. Honda/Chrysler/GM/Ford do not make ATF but they sure do have different requirements for their trannies. Wonder how many people blow their trannies by changing to a wonderful synthetic that is not designed for their tranny.
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    I have used the same synthetic ATF in Isuzu, Toyota, Mercury, Buick, Chev. without any problems. Only ones of concern are some Chrysler products and older Fords requiring Type F

    Honda, of course, somewhat unique or so they say!
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    I switched to synth in my tranny when new. I use redline specifically made for Chrysler tranny's. I have had no problems for 46,000+ miles. The trans is smooth as well during shifting. No complaints and all is well. I own a Durango 2000 4.7l. The truck is fully synthed all the way to the diff's. Smooth performance and no major issue's.
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    I have found the the newer fluid types (synthetic and synthetic blends), give much better shift characteristics, and are easier on the transmission and drive train, when it's cold due to their more constant viscosity re. temp. (I have Mobil 1 in a 90 Maxima and Valvoline MaxLife in a Mystique).
    It is not always obvious what the current recommended fluid for a transmission is. Older cars may have called for Dexron II, but a bulletin may have been issued now calling for III. If there is any issue, get in touch with with either the car mfg. or the fluid mfg.
    Aside from Honda and older Fords, the new Infinity Q45 and Hyundai's use unique fluids.
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    Yes, other then gear oil (I use RedLine) my ATF use has been all Amsoil and it is universal (Dexron III and Mercon V) except for Fords Type F and Hondas I believe. They say it also meets the Chrysler new standard. My oldest car on this has 140,000 miles, switched to synthetic ATF at 25,000 with the filter change. Changed (drain and Fill) every 30,000 since but have not changed the filter since 25,000 miles. Maybe next time. So far tranny seems okay but one never knows

    I also have a Merc. Mystique that has this in the tranny, no filter on that one though. Redline markets a different ATF for Fords Mercon and one for the Dexron goup and Chrysler as well.
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    amsoil Synthetic is the best. i recently put i in my 1999 chevy tracker, and it shifts much smoother now. even better than when i put in mobil1 Synthetic atf fluid. and i also put in amsoil motor oil too. and my engine runs smoother at start-up than when using mobil1 5w-30 motor oil .,.. just a heads up from what i have found out
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Member Posts: 1,391
    is compatible with Dexron II. So no worries there.

    If we were talking gear oil, I have to give my thumbs up to Redline MT-90
  • armtdmarmtdm Member Posts: 2,057
    Amsoil ATF, almost universally acceptable for Dexron III and Mercon V and Chrysler ATF+3
    I have used it for years on multiple cars and manufactuirers.

    Gear oil I agree about RedLine. However, watch the GL-ratings a GL-5 cannot normally be used where a GL-4 is recommended.MT-90 is a GL-4 as is MTL.
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    Chrysler has just upgraded it's ATF from +3 to +4. Does anyone know which synthetic ATF can meet this new requirement? They did this for all 2000 and up tranny's. Has anyone read or heard why?
  • armtdmarmtdm Member Posts: 2,057
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    I suspect that ATF +4 is at least partially synthetic. This is one of the differences between Mercon and Mercon V. The only way to meet the newer fluid spces is with synthetics.
    re: Amsoil ATF
    I have no idea how one ATF can meet Dexron/Mercon and Chrysler specs. The friction characteristics for the two types of fluid are different, which is why there are different fluids. Nobody else claims that their ATF can be used in both applications. I suspect Amsoil is fine in Dexron applications, but wouldn't use it in a Chrysler trans.
  • mrdetailermrdetailer Member Posts: 1,118
    They are a highly friction modified type like Honda.
  • ywilsonywilson Member Posts: 135
    I will be going to Chryco to have my tranny fluids changed on Friday. I will inquire about the makeup of the ATF+4 and will post it to let everyone know what I found. Thanks again.
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