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How To Deal With Red-Light Cameras

If the cameras have popped up in your area, here are some steps you can take to prevent a ticket, as well as tips on what to do if you get one.

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    Hi Michelle,

    You may want to do a little more research on the apps you mention. Trapster is completely free - nothing to purchase.
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    The Edmunds information is helpful, unless drivers have received a red light/speed camera citation. The red light camera firm only handles California red light camera tickets. The subject of traffic enforcement cameras is a comprehensive subject involving many fields knowledge, that’s why most ticket recipients either pay or fight and loose. The Three “E”s of traffic safety are first Engineering, Education and then if they don’t work, traffic Enforcement. Most cash strapped towns jump to the last E and then add a fourth “Enrichment”. Not one of the 15 or more red light camera vendor contracts I have examined ever mentioned the word “Safety”. The camera vendors don’t include safety milestones and depend on improperly engineered intersections to keep stockholders happy with profits. These traffic enforcement cameras operate willy-nilly with any government oversight on any level. Most other law enforcement speed devices must be certified and so are food scales, gas pumps, elevators, amusement rides and x-ray machines all must be inspected, but not traffic enforcement cameras. Extending yellow light durations has been proven in studies and the real world as in Georgia and Ohio who passed laws extending yellow lights one second and reduced violations by 80% and crashes by 50% as in Georgia. Government statistics were mentioned, but the causes of the red light violations are not mentioned are never mentioned by camera vendors because cameras can’t prevent these occurrences. Federal Highway Administration states the causes of red light violations: 43% caused by DUI, high on drugs or over medicated patients. Second cause 27% First Responders, fire engines, police cars and paramedics. Third cause, 23% are distracted drivers for various reasons including road rage. Red light ticket cameras lack any capability to PREVENT these violations. For most red light violations proper traffic engineering would help a lot like adding a second of yellow for safety, restriping when needed and maintaining traffic signals to name a few examples. When a politician says the cameras are all about safety not the money, they never offer to forgo the fine revenue.
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    Here is info just for California, where the tickets are handled differently than most other states.

    A red light camera ticket from ANY city in LA County can be ignored, as the LA courts do not report ignored camera tickets to the DMV. This was revealed in LA Times articles in 2011. Skeptical? Google: Red light camera no consequence.

    Also, it could be a Snitch Ticket, the fake/phishing camera tickets the California police send out to bluff car owners into ID'ing the actual driver. Snitch Tickets say, at the top, "Courtesy Notice-This is not a ticket," and you can ignore them, too! Skeptical? Google: Snitch Ticket.
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    The following is a response I wrote to an article in the New Orleans Times Picayune about traffic cameras in the city:

    I drive for work throughout the city and southern region almost 40 hours per week. I am no great fan of these traffic cameras. I do know this: If you REALLY want to save lives put those cameras on the interstates and highways every few miles. Catch and penalize -- and perhaps take away the driver's license of -- speeders and tailgaters. I fear for my life every day on the road and I thank my guardian angel for protecting me yet again when I make it home safely. It saddens me when I pass the hundreds of roadside memorials along my route. Many, many, many people flirt with death for themselves and innocent others when they speed and tailgate. I guess they assume nothing could possibly go wrong. They are WRONG! Everything can and does go wrong in a split instant and they leave no room -- no margin -- for error. I say penalize them all. Take them all off the road. Save lives. Not pretend, but REALLY!

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