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Top 10 Vehicles for Shorter Drivers

You've scanned the manufacturers' specs, but as we all know, the numbers don't tell the whole story: Until you actually get into a vehicle, there's no way to know if it's really a good fit. To help you narrow down your test-drive candidates, we polled the shorter editors on our staff and came up with a list of favorites — vehicles that they've found comfortable to drive in the real world.

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  • annettetannettet Member Posts: 1
    I saw a clip from this list at another forum and thought there would be a current list at Any chance of that coming soon? When I go car shopping soon, there won't be much time to get it right, so will go prepared with a best vehicle list and list of best vehicles for short drivers (I'm 5'), prepared from the internet.

    I like a lot of details I'm seeing about the VW Tiguan, but it looks like the front seats slope downward toward the back, which adds to problems seeing over the dash and reaching pedals.

    I also note that your list mentions tilting/telescoping steering wheels and seats with adjustable height as a positive for short drivers, but in my experience, adjusting the seat height puts the driver further from pedals, and adjusting the steering wheel toward the driver places the driver side air bag closer to the driver's chest for maximum damage, if too close. Wondering how the short staffers at Edmunds handled those 2 factors.

    There's lots of info online about how good cars are/aren't for tall drivers, but not so much for us shorter people. I hope Edmunds will update its list and continue to lead the way in comprehensive vehicle information. Thanks!
  • shorterdrivershorterdriver Member Posts: 3
    HI Annettet- I completely agree with your comments! I'm 5'2'', but have a problem with the seat cushion being too long/deep, and hitting the back of my knees/calves when I drive. Did you have any luck finding a car that was a good fit for you? Thanks in advance!
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Or you can have a auto upholstery shop rebuild the seat bottoms to make them shorter.

    My wife has often found the seat bottoms of Hondas too short in our various test drives.
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