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imageTop 10 Best Road Trip Vehicles for 2011

When faced with a long road ahead, we like these 10 vehicles most.

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  • cincygt2009cincygt2009 Member Posts: 0
    I call BS because the list does not contain a Mustang ;-)
  • schmedwardschmedward Member Posts: 1
    Though the collection of vehicles are all new, willing and able to tackle any road trip, I am saddened that there are no convertibles in the mix. Some have cabriolet variations, but none are mentioned or highlighted with photos. An end of summer road trip for me always involves dreaming of a top less sporty car, one that can carry just enough luggage, "maybe" a significant other and it screams style, carefree and fun many decibels over efficiency or fuel economy. Sorry kids, I'll see you in a few days...maybe!
  • surfzen98surfzen98 Member Posts: 1
    I think people are missing the boat on top 10 road trip cars

    We did the Tioga Pass road up to the high country in a Toyota Yaris because it was the only car we could get on the Electricity Black out day in Southern CA last month...38 mpg and after years of driving up that road at 5 to 20 MPH in our VW Westfalia with kids we flew in that little Yaris...Good on Toyota.. The month before we drove to Madera and toured Sequoia NP as well as Yosemite Valley and saw all the totally awesome high water rivers and waterfalls. Nissan Sentra that trip. Corolla the month before to San Francisco and the Redwoods. All in the 30+ mpg with adequate room for two adults and out service dog, Gidget. Heading for Hearst Castle in a week and we will be driving a 2011 Toyota Camry...thinking of buying the 2012..what do you think?
  • chatmanrchatmanr Member Posts: 11
    Are you kidding me? Where is the mini-van???
  • stykerstyker Member Posts: 1
    harley davidson the only way to travel
  • interlagosgtiinterlagosgti Member Posts: 1
    Bought a GTI this year and have taken it on several road trips. It's great on back roads, like the 1 and even the 101. It's damn uncomfortable on roads like I5. It's bad enough that I would rent a car if I had to make that run again.
  • goldie12goldie12 Member Posts: 1
    With all due respect to those who chose the vehicles, I grew up with Cadillacs and Lincolns. I've ridden in my share of Jags, Porsches, Benze, etc., but I would not trade my Chrysler 300 for any of the chosen few. I love my Chrysler and it is probably time to trade it in for the new 300, but I am hoping to retire soon and don't want the expense. Am I a lover of cars? My first car was an Olds 442. Wish I still had the '69 version. That was the life! For the record, I am 65 and female and I still love to "floor it." FYI: my son has a Viper, but hasn't let me drive it. He says the clutch would be difficult to operate at "my age." I'll never tell....
  • henrythe8thiamhenrythe8thiam Member Posts: 1
    The first two on the list you couldn't give me. I would never buy a GM or Chrysler product. Not after the bail out, sorry.
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