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imageConfessions of a Parking Valet

What happens to your car when you hand the keys to the parking valet? You'd be surprised.'s

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  • sparky111sparky111 Member Posts: 5
    I know exactly what you are doing after picking up my car for valet. I have two hidden SD-Cam video recorders rolling in the car pretty much 24/7. The cameras are in the rearview mirror, one facing forward to the street, the other with a fisheye lens taking the entire insides of the car. I know what you do and how you do it. Lets just say its funny to get the reply email back from the owner of the valet service when I send them a copy of the video.....
  • migueldemiguelde Member Posts: 1
    Sounds like they want you to keep the interior of your car clean so they can rifle through it more efficiently.
  • ssmesqssmesq Member Posts: 1
    When I parked regularly in the same valet parking structure, I used to give the same tip to the person who drove my car in in the morning as I gave to the person who brought it out. Remember, it's the person who drives it in that decides what nice, out of the way, safe spot to put your car.
  • bellcorbabellcorba Member Posts: 1
    I have valet parked many times and know to tip very well (before and after) so my car is taken care of !!!! . Hyatt reunion in dallas 2002. I forgot and left over 3500.00 cash/payroll stuck over the driver sun visor and when my car was brought back to me a sticky note was under the sun visor telling me my belonging/personal items were put into the trunk for safe keeping.
    Went back the next day thanked and gave the attendent 100.00 chili's gift card and told the hotel manger what a outstanding employees he has working for him.
  • skippersskippers Member Posts: 1
    vertically opening gullwing doors. "When one of the valets pulled the door open [on a 2005 Mustang convertible

    Ok just how could a convertible have Gull wing doors ?
  • newcastlein83newcastlein83 Member Posts: 0
    I have internally-facing dash cam/DVR; records everything. Ferris Bueller and friends would have liked it.
  • janedoe4janedoe4 Member Posts: 1
    @ skippers - "What the owner had neglected to tell anyone was that he had a 'Lambo' door conversion kit on the car, and that the door didn't open as normal."

    The 2005 Mustang convertible didn't have gull-wing doors ^^
  • theexoticonetheexoticone Member Posts: 1
    I've been doing cars (when I'm not in the coatroom) for over 3 years now and most of what's been said is accurate. We don't get a lot of Hollywood-type cars and the owners would generally refuse a valet even if we asked. It's a fun job, the real drawbacks are waiting out in subzero darkness, or a cold rain will ruin any shift. Snow is the worst, you can't see the tags, it's slippery and you lose spots when it all piles up. We once had a wedding going on and this younger guy had us retrieve his car no less than four times - no tip. Personally, I've never taken anything out of someone's vehicle, but I've heard stories of people finding stacks of cash, IPODS, keys to the white house and the like laying around. I've come across open containers, lit joins and a handgun, all of which I left untouched. I find that Irish and Italians tip best, Asians and Latinos - not so much. If you have keyless access, don't forget to turn in the fob (or be ready to have someone chase you down in the lobby). You can ask that we treat your "baby" extra well because it's new, but it won't get any better treatment than the 2000 Saturn we put it next to. I won't play with your radio, but I do like to hear what you're listening to. When it comes to moneytime, a nice 5 spot is good as it's 2 to park and 3 to retrieve. Don't forget that we also hold your door open, point to where the event it and answer any type of question (and I've heard them all). Ferris Bueller was a movie, nobody will drive around town or sell it for parts. There's always a lead valet around, or his boss, etc just to keep things flowing. If you feel like it's going to take a while getting (or getting people) out of your car, it's fine to ask to move over to the side, no big deal. Be nice and you'll be treated as such, just like life itself.
  • CP01659CP01659 Member Posts: 1
    Out of curiosity what type of tips do you bring home as a valet and what part of the country are you in?

    I’m in SoCal and on a GREAT day can average $20+/hr in tips for 8+ hrs..... on a mediocre day take home around $50 or less

    This is with a 2 man crew and 100+ cars on a busy day.
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