2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Long-Term Road Test

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image2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Long-Term Road Test

Our 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited has a huge panoramic glass sunroof, and we know just how to test it.

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  • cjasiscjasis Member Posts: 274
    Why would you do this? Seems like a great opportunity to get scratches and bird crap all over your vehicle.
  • hotpass105hotpass105 Member Posts: 0
    Bad for the paint, but it sounds like fun!
  • quadricyclequadricycle Member Posts: 827
    This article made me laugh! I don't know how this idea came to you but keep these kind of posts coming. Quite enjoyable to read. I will not be replicating this on my car though...
  • agentorangeagentorange Member Posts: 893
    Can you get navigation without that stupid roof?
  • noburgersnoburgers Member Posts: 500
    sick fun for the kiddies! Now even the wildlife poops on Hyundais, not just blog posters.
  • dg0472dg0472 Member Posts: 89

    Not in the Limited. If you're willing to give up the captain's chairs in the 2nd row, you can in the GLS.
  • stovt001_stovt001_ Member Posts: 799
    Duly noted for next time I have a rental car with a panoramic sunroof. Looks fun but would never do it with my own car.
  • actualsizeactualsize Member Posts: 451
    In this controlled experiment the aforementioned Gold Beach quarter car wash was but 250 yards and a single minute away. There was no time for any paint-marring "chemical" reaction to get going. And that's the key factor: a given location's time/distance relationship to a clean-up facility is crucial when deciding whether or not one should conduct this important research with their own car. In this place, with a pocketload of quarters at the ready, I most certainly would.

    Besides, the roof is mostly glass anyway.

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