2013 Mini Paceman Set for World Debut at 2012 Paris Auto Show

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image2013 Mini Paceman Set for World Debut at 2012 Paris Auto Show

The 2013 Mini Paceman, basically a coupe version of the Countryman, will make its formal debut at the 2012 Paris Auto Show.

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    Good looking car, but why bother?!?!

    Why waste R&D and production costs on this vehicle instead of putting that money back into the models that brought people to Mini in the first place?

    First they make a sports "coupe" that does nothing better than the original hatch (actually made it LESS practical) then they make a 2 door CUV? Who's making the decisions these days MINI?

    My wife has a base hatch now and it's a great car. We're thinking of trading up to a Countryman, but would never even consider the Paceman. Who is the target audience for this car?

    Keep it to the models that make sense to make money for the company. The base hatch, the S and the Countryman are all the magic you need to make to bring in loads of money for Mini and your parent company. Why waste it making even more niche vehicles than you already have?
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