2014 Acura MDX AWD Long-Term Road Test

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image2014 Acura MDX AWD Long-Term Road Test

Our long-term 2014 Acura MDX is too big for my needs, but it gets lots of people asking about it.

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  • fordson1fordson1 Unconfirmed Posts: 1,512
    Very interesting about the new commenting system coming up. Thanks. Also, it's shocking to hear an Edmunds staffer saying yeah, it's a nice vehicle, but it's just too damn big for me.
  • chuckie6chuckie6 Member Posts: 15
    New Edmunds Commenting System: Same great taste, but now with few calories! Um, Donna? Don't take this the wrong way, but could you provide comments that are a little more substantial than a wistful picture of the car in your driveway and noting that an SUV has lot of storage space and asking if we'd consider buying one (um ... ch-yeah! That's why we're reading this). I'd love a woman's take and I'm not a woman, so lemme know how it fits your lifestyle and needs. They really engineered this model w/women in mind (note how women are highlighted in their Acura.com ads) with the IDS and huge compartment for a purse and a thinner steering wheel and less-aggressive exterior styling. I'm curious what women think about it all. My wife has had several complaints about our previous MDX.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    You just need more expansive hobbies. :-)
  • hybrishybris Member Posts: 365
    Edit button. That is all.
  • kirkhilles_kirkhilles_ Member Posts: 151
    Are you saying the MDX is too big? That's insane. Look I've always HATED driving larger vehicles (Vans and RVs always scared me driving) and I drive a Miata everyday. That being said our Pilot is the perfect size, in my opinion and is very EASY to drive and Park.

    I'd understand if you say the MDX is too expensive or unnecessary for daily driving, but I think you'd be surprised if you look at what you need to do over a 10 year period. Having the extra size and extra space versus a RAV4/CRV/RDX pays off.
  • 85se85se Member Posts: 11
    Wouldn't even be near my list. Too big and much too expensive for my taste given that I live in the rust belt, where even relatively expensive vehicles are worth very little after six or seven winters. Not sure what the price range is in the US, but it bases at $50k in Canada.
  • kirkhilles_kirkhilles_ Member Posts: 151
    @85se - Interesting, never considered what type of damage would be incurred on regular winters. Here in the US (especially in the warm South), SUVs like the MDX retain very much of their value. When we went shopping for our Pilot, we found that used 3 yea
  • diigiidiigii Member Posts: 156
    @ kirkhilles: Rust from all the salt used on roads during a winter storm. The undercarriages of cars, vans, trucks, etc. will rust. No matter how expensive your ride is. You can mitigate the rusting by having a brand new car rust proofed with oil spr
  • fordson1fordson1 Unconfirmed Posts: 1,512
    "Are you saying the MDX is too big? That's insane." You're overthinking it - she said she has no kids, so she doesn't need a three-row SUV that seats seven people - it's as simple as that. If your criteria for buying a vehicle is the largest amount of people or stuff you would ever want to move over a 10-year period, you'd be buying an F450 stake-body or a 15-passenger E350 tour van. You base what vehicle you buy on what you will be using it for the majority of the time, not on a 1-percentile use profile. I just helped a family member move this past weekend - got a 1-ton 10-foot cube van from U-Haul for twenty bucks for the day. We moved the contents of a two-bedroom apartment in two trips and had zero wear-tear and dirt on our personal vehicle. You have a Pilot, so therefore a person who does not want a vehicle that large is insane? Yeah...OK.
  • chuckie6chuckie6 Member Posts: 15
    85se ... I live in Michigan and got a very good trade in price on my 2002 MDX, which was only in 'pretty good' condition by my own estimation. But if all you're concerned about is resale, then don't buy this car. If you deal with tough winters, snowy, icy and rainy roads, try this car with SH-AWD. Then go try anything else w/AWD. It's one of the very few IIHS top safety picks and nothing -- nothing -- touches its AWD. Also, I parked our 2002 MDX in an exposed parking lot during the day and a garage at night. I was fairly diligent about washing the salt off the undercarriage (about 1 wash every 2 weeks) and had no trouble with corrosion.
  • dharbindharbin Member Posts: 0
    Definitely too big for someone who doesn't need more than a few seats. Anyway, crossovers are depressing -- I know they sell, but I can't get motivated to read an article about yet another tall station wagon.
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