How do you like you toyota trd?

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Okay I love the looks...mixed on the drive and
know they have a legendary reliability record, but
have heard it isn't what it use to be. Plus
consumer reports does not like the truck. Okay
what are YOUR opinions?



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    I got the TRD package with my '99 PreRunner. Why? Simply because it gives the PreRunner more of an off-road look. And besides, down here in Alabama the drivers are so bad (I'm not from Alabama) it's nice to be high enough to be able to see several vehicles in fromt of you (many vehicles down here have no rear lights, let alone brake lights). As for the off-road capability, I don't go off-road that much, but I did notice that with the TRD package on my V6 PreRunner you get a ground clearance of 12.4" - quite high for a stock vehicle. I just know that if I needed to go off-road, I would have good ground clearance, and with the V6 I got the locking rear differential which should get me out of most trouble spots. Also, the PreRunner was about $2500 less than a comprably equipped 4x4.
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    I am looking to purchase a PreRunner within the next few weeks, and I was wondering if the fender flares included in the TRD package come color keyed to the vehicle, if not, the possible charges involved in doing so. During my latest trip to Toyota dealer, upon examining the sticker for a PreRunner with the coler keyed fender flares, I noticed it was a $600 option alone. Are there any aftermarket companies that have fender flares like the factory's? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  • paulp575paulp575 Member Posts: 12
    From what I remember, the fender flares come in one color - Black.

    Yes, there are aftermarket companies that do make flares for the Tacoma. One that comes to mind is Performance Plus, and I do believe they are available in different colors, but not sure.
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    CONSUMER REPORTS doesnt know their heads from a hole in the ground when it comes to autos. Try reading publications that truly deal with autos and you will find the truth, not false hoods. The fender flares only come in black, looks good in my white truck. If you want to do your own, any aftermarket company such as dick cepek, has them, and you can paint them to match.

    This is the 3rd toyota truck I have owned, the 1st is a 94 4x4 pickup with 22re with 87000 miles. never been to the shop for anything other than oil changes.

    96 T-100 sr5 4x4. Only in the shop twice, one was of course the head gaskets, the other was a service bulliten item. both covered under warrenty.

    now i also have the 99 tacoma extracab TRD 4x4. only 13000 miles so far. the truck is great. screwed together, fit and finish, performance, and off road ability is unbelievable. worth every cent. got the truck under invoice. The only thing that is noticable, is the TRD suspension is stiff on the highway. There is the trade off with the 4x4, but with the only factory locking diff on a pickup, if you use your truck to go off road, it is a must have. If you dont really go off roading, i would suggest the prerunner. same great looks, same locking rear diff, softer ride, less money, and less to break. Not that I would worry about any Toyota breaking. Good luck to anyone looking for a tacoma.
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    I am in the market for the prerunner and was just wondering what some people paid for their new trucks, and where I am located in Texas. Thanks!
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    I paid 14419 including freight for a 99 standard cab prerunner. Seen the same truck advertised in the Washington Post for the same price. Truck did not have TRD package but did have the larger tire and alloy wheel package. The locking differential comes only with the extended cab and the v-6 so in my opinion, the only reason to get the TRD package is if you need the slighly increased clearance. Options included packages with a/c, bucket seats, sliding back window, cassette, cold weater package, and variable wipers and tach. The only complaint is with the standard mirrors, they are too easily bumped out of position and with my simple mind, I struggle to get them back where I am happy.
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    Thanks a lot for your comments. It really helped me make up my mind. I have been wondering about the Tacoma extended cab 4X4 V6 and the Nissan CreCab 4X4 V6. I am not sure which one to look at, as the Nissan (which is supposed to be quite good)is considerable cheaper. But I here about these Toyota truck with 200K miles on them. I want a truck like that. One that I will keep even after I am ready to get another one.

    Do you have any ideas on what are the best options to get? I want the TRD package, but am not sure on whether to go with the SR5 or the Lmtd. Also, I have no idea how dealers will be willing to deal. Normally, the are not that easy at Toyota dealerships.

    Thanks in advance for you help.
    Anyone else, please feel free to throw in your opinions.
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    All I know is if I were to buy a new Toyota(fine vehicles that they are) I would take any decal off that says "TuRD" I mean "TRD". I sure hope Ford decides to go back to "SVT" or "SVO" and stays away from Ford Racing Technologies "FaRT" I mean "FRT"
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    Ford DOES use the SVT; and if you don't want the sticker on your truck, you have one VERY simple thing to do. This will also save you about $17K-$20K. Just don't buy the truck. It would solve all your problems. You would not have to worry about having a sticker on your "fine vehicle", and I would not have to sit here and read your crap.
    It is extremely hard to believe this, but I still have nothing against that TRD sticker on the truck - even after you have enlightened me so greatly. But LV, thanks for the advice. I'll make sure that I take ALL your advice into consideration when I buy my next vehicle.
  • tistevetisteve Member Posts: 142
    Does anyone out there have a Tacoma 4x4 with TRD and the 4 cylinder 2.7 w/5 speed? I currently have a '97 w/o TRD and am looking at a new '2000 with. I drove a '99 at the dealer and was pleasantly suprised that the engine still seemed powerful enough for me, I thought those big tires would bog it down. Ride was also smoother than I thought. Has anyone put some miles on one of these? Any regrets?
  • marksiemarksie Member Posts: 14
    I was looking over the maintenance guide for the
    Tacoma and found every 15,000 miles you have to
    "Lubricate the propeller shaft and re-torque bolts"
    Then it says to: "Re-torque drive shaft flange
    bolts" What's the difference between the propeller
    shaft and the drive shaft? What do you torque the
    bolts to? Where are the bolts on the propeller
    shaft to torque? Where are the flange boltslocated? Thanks for any help.
  • jerry61jerry61 Member Posts: 14
    I purchased a '99 Tacoma 4x4 SR5 TRD with the 2.74 engine a few weeks ago. At first I found it hard to adjust to the 4 cylinder engine (I used to drive a 96 Jeep Cherokee with a 6 cylinder 190 HP engine). Now that the Tacoma is past its 1,000 mile break-in period, I have become more agressive in reving the engine. So far, so good. It has alot of pep even with a load in the bed. The large tires give the driver a great view of the road. I think it's a nice truck.
  • marksiemarksie Member Posts: 14
    If we could all just get past this mute point of
    comparing Toyotas and Fords and start sharing some
    important information. I posted this message a few
    weeks back and no one seemed to know anything. Do
    you guys actually maintain your trucks???? So here
    it is again just in case there is anyone who has a
    any idea about this.
    I was looking over the maintenance guide for
    the Tacoma and found every 15,000 miles you have
    "Lubricate the propeller shaft and re-torque
    Then it says to: "Re-torque drive shaft flange
    bolts" What's the difference between the
    shaft and the drive shaft? What do you torque the
    bolts to? Where are the bolts on the propeller
    shaft to torque? Where are the flange bolts
    located? Thanks for any help.

    bdev- I have a 1999 Tacoma 4wd 5sp ext-cab V6 with
    the TRD and the bench seat. I find it comfortable
    enough. It handles fine and there isn't much road
    noise. The stereo is kind of weak though. I get
    about 19-20 m.p.g. with a mix of town and highway
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