2014 Acura RLX

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image2014 Acura RLX

The 2014 Acura RLX, the tech-laden successor to the Acura RL flagship sedan, debuted on Wednesday at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show.

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  • dinopalangicdinopalangic Member Posts: 0
    I don't know....I think Acura "missed" again with this car. It is a like a super expensive Honda with all wheel drive...
  • ar1906ar1906 Member Posts: 1

    Hmmm...didn't know you had a chance to drive it.

    BTW, only the hybrid version will have AWD. Please know your facts before you start bashing.
  • kryptokatkryptokat Member Posts: 7
    Dear Honda,

    Just cause you were criticized for being bland does not mean you have to go for Ugly.

    Yours Truly
  • pman666pman666 Member Posts: 2
    automatic fail. mid-top end luxury cars should not look like FWD cars.

    Honda using the accord chassis = fail.
  • dinopalangicdinopalangic Member Posts: 0
    I have two Hondas (Accord and Odyssey) and an Acura (TL) in my family so I am hardly anti-Honda. This is not about how the car drives nor have I reference that anywhere in my initial post. So please read carefully before you jump to conclusions.
  • carguysccarguysc Member Posts: 2
  • zoomzoom22zoomzoom22 Member Posts: 6
    How come every other site has more pictures - interior shots and REAL photos of the car?

    Also, I'm not enjoying the Insideline-to-Edmunds transitions going on recently. When I click on an article in Insideline, I expect to stay at Insideline. When Insideline is completely merged back with Edmunds, I'm afraid that you guys are going to lose a reader or two, myself included.

    As for the car, I'm sure that it will be top quality but it really doesn't do anything for me. Too much like the old RL and from what I've seen of the interior, it doesn't look like anything special. Acura knew that they had to really change and improve the RL to keep it viable, and this car doesn't do that. I'm not impressed with the fuel economy numbers, either.

    This article is incorrect as well in that SH-AWD will be no more - Acura will instead call the system P-AWS (no joke), which stands for Precision-All Wheel Steer. They are seriously going to put a badge on the car that says P-AWS.

    If anyone reading this lame article wants some real info and pictures of the new RLX, check out Autoblog. As soon as Insideline is done I'm switching to that site. A lot more information, a lot more pictures, and less mistakes. SMH, Edmunds, SMH.

  • sigmabodysigmabody Member Posts: 1
    Hm... may have to consider this as an alternative to the GS460h I've been eying. It remains to be seen if you can get it without the government tracking and remote access system, though, which seems to be standard on most new cars these days. We shall see...
  • cstilescstiles Member Posts: 465
    Holy Toledo. This is butt ugly, and it hasn't changed at all from the retina-watering "concept" that got thumbs down on the auto show circuit in 2012. Considering how nice the new Accord is, I was praying that Acura would surprise us with a nice RL replacement. Alas....

    Coming on the heals of the homely ZDX, hastily tweaked TL after its disastrous launch in 2010, and the on-again-off-again-on-again saga of the NSX, Acura desperately needed to get the RL replacement right with the correct upscale, halo sedan. This RLX franken-car is an embarrassment that will languish in show rooms when there are so many superior alternatives in the $50K~$60K segment.

    Were Honda engineers smoking crack (supplied by Hyundai and Kia I suspect) when they were tasked with designing this hugely important car? And the fact they've decided to add an "X" to the back end of all of their models (TLX is on the way) is just more proof of the total lack of creativity and anal retention lurking in the halls of Honda.

    But I admit the new Accord is a very nice car. I'll give them that.
  • bhulzterbhulzter Member Posts: 1
    Hmm...where to start. Let first say that I am an Acura (Honda) fan and they are work renown for 3 things; 1. Gas mileage, 2. Conservative styling and, 3. Reliability. Acura had a real chance to “peak out of the box” and make a somewhat bold statement but instead chose to stick to its tried and true roots of “hiding in the box with the lid taped shut”.
    This car is a bore (visually). When Hyundai (which I admire for its tenacity [and Gangnam Style]) outshines Acura in the exterior design component, that is where I draw the line. Looking at a Genisis R-spec, which takes it’s design cues from a 2006-ish BMW 5 series while the new Acura takes its from a Honda Accord (legendary for never requiring a second look---ever).
    I’m sure the car will drive wonderful, handle even better and provide all the electronic gadgets we now require to maintain our daily sanity but I will ask this question before I end; Would you drive a BMW M5 sedan if it appeared to everybody else as a 2007 Ford Crown Victoria? That is the rub with this new car design. I wanted the design to engage positive conversations not have the design disappear in a crowd.
  • benson2175benson2175 Vancouver, BCMember Posts: 68
    They still haven't fired the designer.
  • ksomanksoman Member Posts: 683
  • hans007hans007 Member Posts: 0
    this is what "circling the drain" looks like. acura is dead.
  • screwball71screwball71 Member Posts: 26
    It's bland but it will sell, at least initially.

    And I just love how people keep bringing up Hyundai as if they could even begin to match Honda's or Toyota's level of refinement, build quality, or reliability.
  • hondaman1hondaman1 Member Posts: 6
    Acura is missing another excellent opportunity, just like what happened with the ZDX. The RL was outclassed and outpaced by its competitors and Honda is responding too little and too late. Honda/Acura should have taken the RLX upmarket as a bigger and more of a tour-de-force flagship model to compete with the Mercedes S Class, BMW 7 Series, Audi A8 and Lexus LS 460. Then bring back the succesor to the Acura Vigor (Maybe as the Acura GLX) to compete with Mercedes E Class, BMW 5 Series, Audi A6 and Lexus GS.

    Now Honda will have to engineer another larger and more tech laden car from scratch to compete with its luxury rivals.
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