2012 BMW X3 Long-Term Road Test

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image2012 BMW X3 Long-Term Road Test

Our long-term test of the 2012 BMW X3 xDrive35i is complete after one year and 23,000 miles. It was a popular vehicle from start to finish. Here's why.

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  • vroom2vroom2 Member Posts: 3
    So BMW gave you an X3 for your staff to use for 12 months? And you said nice things about it. How can you possibly be objective about your positive assessment when this is the equivalent of a $10K gift?
  • drjohn43drjohn43 Member Posts: 0
    I have almost 50,000 miles on my 2011 X5 and one of my good friends has over 70,000 miles on her X3 and neither of us have had any problems other than routine maintenance. It's about time for BMW's SAV's to get some love from the automotive press! X3's and X5's are really well made and really dependable!!
  • financeman2financeman2 Member Posts: 5
    Dependability is not something that is typically associated with BMW during the last few years. Perhaps they have finally turned the corner. I am shocked at the high resale given the many good new alternatives in the marketplace.
  • wackfordwackford Member Posts: 41
    I can't see the point of these crossover things, when compared to a wagon, personally.
  • tucsonarchit_tucsonarchit_ Member Posts: 4
    So many clicks required to to see/post comments (and not very fast loading, either). SO disappointing considering it used to be so easy with the old format....
  • vizcarmbvizcarmb Member Posts: 13
    No one is going to pay that much used especially. You guys are on crack if you think you are going to sell that at 45k
  • wolvesqwolvesq Member Posts: 20
    I realize this point has been beaten to death, but $53k for a cute ute that is not particularly good off road? At that price, you could buy something with decent interior and cargo space that drives even better like a supercharged A6. How many people actually need the relatively little extra space in an x3? I would think most folks buying a family car would need something bigger than an x3 anyway. Unless you just crave that elevated ride height, it's a mystery to me. Oh well; different strokes I guess.
  • davisdvmdavisdvm Member Posts: 2
    TMV is fine but what did it actually sell for?
  • davisdvmdavisdvm Member Posts: 2
    TMV is fine but what did it actually sell for?
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