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Land Rover Range Rover



  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    "The cars Ford designs for it's own brand are usually sub-par, and have been for decades."


    Well, you may not like them, but that generalization is just not correct. If it were, they'd be in the scrap heap like DeSoto, Studebaker, Rambler, Oldsmobile. You think todays Land Rover is better built than todays Ford? You're smokin' something. Again, you may not like them, I don't like to drive them myself, they're plain and rough and often uncomfortable, and noisy, but Ford has changed the course of the Automobile more than once on this planet, more than any other manufacturer on this planet can say, from the Model T, to the Pony Car, to the Taurus, to the SUV, and they may have done it again with the Tall Sedan now. We'll see.


    Back on topic, what they have done with their PAG as was formerly stated here, has been nothing short of miraculous - infusing quality, modern design and engineering, style and management into Volvo, Jaguar, and Aston Martin, without putting a single Ford powerplant or transmission under the hood. If anything, you can now find more Volvo parts on my Lincoln, than the reverse. Pretty smart if you ask me. In the process, they just about bankrupted themselves, but Volvo makes good money as does Aston Martin (miraculously). Jaguar and Rover have yet to, but must do so soon and I think they will.


    The Rover you buy today will be the BMW design, so if you're still a Fordophobe, you should be ok, but don't plan on a maintenance free relationship with it. The next RR design will be Ford inspired, that one may make a believer out of you - or not. Either way.
  • Well I don't believe I am generalizing about Fords, but I guess it can come down to what one views as sub-par. Your question does Land Rover make better built cars than Ford is exactly what is so vexing about Range Rovers. Ford where "bean counters" rule the roost, and every part must be compatible with 5 different models, a substandard car is inevitable and understandable. But the Range Rover is spared no expense from what I see, is widely recognized as the most luxurious SUV in the world, is peerless in it's offroad capabilities, and can match or exceed the finest luxury cars in onroad comfort and ride quality. Why does this magnificent vehicle break so much??? Through some quirk, the sum is actually greater than it's parts.......and in the Range Rovers case, that is not a good thing!


    Forgive the rant! How long do you believe it will take Ford to turn the corner with Land Rover?

    Do you know of anyone that has purchased an 05 Range Rover and is experiencing a more trouble free ownership? Why do you feel a completely Ford designed Range Rover will make a "believer" of me?


    Thank you for your insights



    p.s. I don't smoke
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    1-It may be a few years yet, the new RR is a BMW design, and while not a bad design, all the BMW SUVs have actually been maintenance disasters so far. The X5 is now up to 16 recalls I think. The first improvement going into it will be the the Jaguar engine in 06. Gonna take time.

    2- No, not yet.

     3- Just from what I've seen them do with Jaguar in the last decade. It's been nothing but positive from a product standpoint.

    I don't smoke either, and you are a gentleman. These are merely my observations. YMMV
  • O:utrigger, people tell me that a used pre-'03 RR is a good car IF you factor in the sure to happen problems with the air bags. Apparently, the best solution is to simply buy an aftermarket coil spring kit for 4K or so.


    Any thoughts??
  • RR o5 or the lexus lx/gx - as crazy as it seems, looking for the the car had to be prestigious and cut a very distinctive presence but like the level of reliability of the lexus plus their nav is way better, power on the lx is less than that of the large lx?? As an executive, clients in teh car, not sure the lx or better speed ofthe gx quite gives the image that the rr gvies..
  • It's coming and it's supercharged:


    Ford Media Site
  • I'm not sure that the air suspension bags are a sure-fire problem. Even if they need R&R at some time, weigh the benefits (smooth ride and great handling) against the loss of those benefits to "save money" by switching to steel springs. I forget how much it costs to refit to steel springs, but I recall it's not all that cheap either.


    Sorry about the delayed response. I was on vacation over xmas week.
  • shugurlshugurl Posts: 22
    My husband makes fun of my 05 RR b/c it's boxy big and the brakes don't work as well as his BMW. Yawn I know, anywho while driving it tonight we discovered b/c of too much silence that my radio is not working. The screen just says Land Rover. HELP is this broken, did this happen to anyone else? Also, can I play my ipod in this car? I haven't tried and I'm too lazy to read the books. Please help me....
  • shugurlshugurl Posts: 22
    OK my husband to the rescue. He pulled the fuse and it reset or something. why did this happen?
  • shugurlshugurl Posts: 22
    It is such a fun great car for cruising. The brakes don't exactly stop on a dime but the comfort is fantastic. Wouldn't recommend one if you travel on the highway a lot. The touch screen is great, sound system good and they seats fold down in an instant if you need to move something. I love this car but it is a bit unique looking. Now you get full maintenance and the dealerships even have movie theatres inside, they will pick up your car and basically do almost anything for you. very nice people and being that you buy their top end they service you before others.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    And believe me, the difference is HUGE!!! They ride like a 58 Chevy Apache with those steel spring aftermarket conversion kits installed.....
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Another auto show link.


    Steve, Host
  • nycrrnycrr Posts: 8
    Has anyone heard anything about pricing for the 06 RR. It would seem that they are going to have to raise prices on the base engine RR, so the can find a price segment for the RR Sport. I would also think that the Supercharged RR will be in the 90+ price range.
  • nabzynabzy Posts: 29
    Not sure about price, but from surfing the US landrover site saw 2 really well put together videos one of the new range sport and one of the 2006 supercharged range, showing off all the new goodies, looks great....


    seems like the 2006 models will be coming sooner rather than later given they are showing 3 minute videos and have detailed info on the site already....


    The Uk landrover site also has new info on the sport......
  • mgreenemgreene Posts: 32
    Thanks for your comments, and I apologize for not responding sooner. I had talked myself out of a RR, an associate had a steering column come loose on his at 70mph on the Interstate. According to him, he had to manually hold the column in place while his wife drove (her car), That seems pretty extreme though as far as I know he has no axe to grind with LR or RR.


    But anyway I am back because this vehicle is so compelling, inspite of all the glitches, breakdowns and meltdowns, I still want one of these trucks. And I hate to admit it, but it's all about ego. This truck makes little sense (for me), other than I will look great in it. I mean really, a Land Cruiser will be perfect, an all weather vehicle to meet my business and personal travel obligations, bulletproof, and bank vault reliable.......perfect! Just not as cool as owning a Range Rover would be. Shallow but true!


    I thank you for helping to build a case for RR, btw, why did you state you would not recommend it for the highway??
  • eelpouteelpout Posts: 32
    the turbo 2006 Rangie is supposed to be over $100K. ouch.


    I talked to a sales guy at a local auto-show a couple of days ago and he said ship dates for the big RR are September and for the Sport, June.
  • sta2sta2 Posts: 19
    I posted this ? in the Sport forum, but realized that there are many more eyeballs here. Sorry for the cross post.


    Looks like the new RR Sport underpinnings and interior is more LR3 than RR. Does anyone know if the 2nd. row seats fold flat like the new LR3?


  • intmed99intmed99 Posts: 485
    Have you consider the Mercedes G500?? It's unique along with awesome off-roading ability (just in case you need it).
  • what are folks finding mileage/months to be when pads require changing. my garage notified me that I am at 2mm on front and 3mm on rear. My vehicle was bought in May 2003 and has ~21K miles.


    Cost: $1202 to replace front/rear
  • ctdwctdw Posts: 13
    Purchased a 05 Range Rover (Silver/Parchment-Navy) this week. I will be picking it up on Thursday. I have owned 2 Rovers in the past, the last one was 6.5 years ago and was very reliable.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed that I don't have a lot of issues. It was between a Cayenne and this. I just sold my Touareg, so I couldn't get excited about the Cayenne.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I'll bet, next to a Touareg, the RR is dead-bang reliable!!!!
  • Could you tell us a little more about your experiences with the Tourag? I'm sure that other people might find this useful if they're thinking about whether to buy a vehicle like the V8 Tourag vs. stepping up and going for the RR.

    We have an 03 RR now and while I really like it, I am intrigued by the larger selection of luxury SUVs that are out there now at a lower price point (including the new LR3 and the upcoming, cheaper RR Sport) and wondering about when it comes time to replace our RR, what we would look at.
  • ctdwctdw Posts: 13
    Our Touareg did have a few issues including...

    Flickering compass display that there was no fix for. Air suspension fault messages that appeared and went away. Light fault messages that appeared and went away. A number of interior rattles that could not be fixed by the dealer. Key remote was worthless, would only work when right next to the car. And lastly we had noticeable take off lag and rough shifting. The software was updated, but it didn't smooth out the transmission.

    If you spend time on some of the VW forums, you will see that my issues are minor compared to a number of owners. The biggest complaint I would have is the poor service provided by VW dealers. They didn't seem interested in really resolving the issues. The service I got on my previous two Rover's was much better.
  • shugurlshugurl Posts: 22
    How do I use this thing? I have a bluetooth phone and was wondering do I need an adapter from the car to the phone, just wondering what the cable looking thing in the center console plugs into. ugh,,,,so irritating.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    If you want to "dock" it, you need to purchase a compatible cradle for your phone from Land Rover. (If it exists.) That's what the cable is for. This will extend your antenna, charge your phone and integrate it.

    Alternatively, you can use Bluetooth (wirelessly) with no dock... but a few features won't work.

    Read the Range Rover Navigation & Telephone Systems manual for more information.
  • 12361236 Posts: 34
    Can anyone reccomend a good quality tire? I have the 20" Wheels & drive mostly freeway in Southern California so snow is not an issue, thanks
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You might be interested in Tires, tires, tires or pay a visit to our local Tire Rack representative: Ask Connor at The Tire Rack

    tidester, host
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    from The Times (March 13, 2005):

    First Drive: Supercharged Range Rover V8,,12929-1521263,00.html
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    V12 Range Rover Still in the Works (Edmunds SUVs Newsletter).

    Steve, Host
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