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imageCarMD Study Ranks Top 10 Manufacturers and Vehicle Health Index

CarMD releases the results of its second annual Vehicle Health Index: 2012 Manufacturer & Vehicle Rankings.

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  • rjettrjett Member Posts: 24
    I'm confused. If the rankings are based on the "fewest percentage of repair incidents combined with the lowest cost per repair", then why isn't Hyundai at the top? It had the lowest percentage of repair incidents AND the lowest cost of repairs (according to this list).

    I'm no Hyundai fanboy, and certainly not a mathematician, but it sure looks off to me. What am I missing?
  • dmicdmic Member Posts: 3
    I totally agree rjett i was looking at the same thing
  • dmicdmic Member Posts: 3
    Also one report for the chyrsler mini van 2006 gets a F and another report gives it a b+ now whats its going to be carmd
  • dmicdmic Member Posts: 3
    whats the differance in a car reliability score and used car video ownership review for the chrysler minvan 2006, the onwer review gave it a B+ AND THE CAR RELIABILITY GAVE IT A F
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