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imageToyota Settlement Over Unintended Acceleration Cases To Exceed $1 Billion

Toyota will spend over $1 billion to compensate owners for a loss in value of their vehicles due to recalls related to unintended acceleration, the automaker announced on Wednesday.

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  • margarianmargarian Member Posts: 2
    It is sad how to this day Toyota is ignoring this problem while denying and refusing to fix it when people go to dealerships and claim unintended acceleration. Here is a good peice on that problem:
  • ellaaramyanellaaramyan Member Posts: 1
    Toyota is REALLY not doing well.
    They ignored the defect and delayed the recall and were fined TWICE for that. How many more people need to die before they get their act together?
  • jennyjosephjennyjoseph Member Posts: 1
    The accident become a very big issue because Toyota has a big name when it comes to car. To avoid another problem they must check, rather double check the cars before they sell it. The Toyota Motor Company has resolved the first "unintended acceleration" wrongful death suit brought against it out of court. A personal loan will help you pay for your lawsuit against Toyota.
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