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Chevrolet Volt Owners Caught in Political Crossfire Posts: 10,059
edited September 2014 in Chevrolet

imageChevrolet Volt Owners Caught in Political Crossfire

In a polarized political climate, some drivers of the plug-in hybrid Chevrolet Volt have reported verbal attacks and vandalism.

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  • Would be nice to know out of how many Volt owners you talked to experienced negative interactions versus positive. From my experience ALL my interactions with others have been very positive.

    What are the numbers Mark?
  • I have to agree with your statement: "Volt owners themselves appear to be an eclectic bunch, hardly like the stereotypes one might imagine from rhetoric on either side of the political campaign."

    Most people react quite positively to my Volt (18,000 miles on 63 gallons of gas), but I have had some negative reactions. For some reason, all the negative reactions have been from people that believe either (a) I'm stupid because I don't to realize that it's powered by coal plants and is just as polluting as a regular car, or (b) people who somehow think that burning more oil is pro-American. I actually bought my Volt to break my addiction to imported oil, and in NJ where I live most of the electricity is from nuclear and natural gas power.

    Interestingly, when asked "What is the primary reason for your interest in plug-in hybrids?", 212 Volt-owners and enthusiasts voted as follows:

    1.) Patriotic – We need to get off the addiction to foreign oil. 38%
    2.) Cool Factor – I’m an early adopter and this car is cool. 24%
    3.) Financial - $4 a gallon gas is killing me. I need cheaper transportation. 21%
    4.) Environmental - I think the Volt will help save the environment. 10%
    5.) Other - 7%

    I'm sure the people who 'booed' Dave Muse somehow think they were being patriotic. For the life of me, I can't figure out why.

    Link to poll:

    (Disclaimer: I actually voted for Romney, inspite of his anti-Volt and anti-Tesla statements.)
  • Ughhh - I had spaces between my paragraphs in my post. I have no idea why it all ran together - making it almost unreadable.
  • Good article. Amazing how people's politics completely turn them against an American made car, that can be totally powered by American made electricity. A lot of people only believe what the talking heads on TV tell them to believe.
  • Also, if anyone ever tries to be all macho pointing fun at my Volt, I simply drive it home, and return with one of the other cars I own, a Dodge Viper. That generally shuts them up pretty quickly.
  • Most of the booing was because the Volt, while a great vehicle, is not at all what the event is about. The Dream Cruise has always been a celebration (memorial?) of the bygone days of high performance muscle cars. The whole green movement is antithetical to an event recalling the carefree time when nobody worried about burning a lot of gas in the pursuit of automotive pleasure, and "carbon footprint" was a concept yet to be invented.
  • 20,000 miles and 20 months into Volt ownership and yet to have one of these negative experiences here in Central NJ. Kind of a bummer, 'cause I've been waiting for it. I have had people tell me how attractive the car is (yeah, I was surprised too), thank me for buying American (not kidding), thank me for doing my part for the earth (not kidding either - good thing he didn't see my garage!), and ask about a million questions. I've had some good-natured ball-busting from friends about the Chevy "Coal" but never once anything from Joe Average on the street. I tell everyone it's a) awesome and b) cheap to run. In that order. Joe Average will eventually get a ride in a car propelled by electricity, realize how nice it is (silent, responsive, convenient), and want one, IMHO. The efficiency of EVs is a side benefit, not their primary allure.
  • I have had my volt for a year and I love it . It is the best car I have ever owned! I get over 250 mpg. All my grown kids want me to drive them around so they can say gas. This car is great. I am 70 years old and I have owned a few cars!
  • Keep politic out of it. It is a great car.

    Plus the "dumb side" has lost the election. Leave the great product out of it. I know plenty of conservatives who drive the Volt. In fact, I know more GOP voters who love the Volt than Liberals. Liberals just love their Prius. The smart Liberals have traded their Prius in for the Volt though...
  • I have people asking me about it at Costco parking lot, gas stations, rest stop and at work.

    So far, just everyone I met who are interested in it have positive atittude about it. In fact, I know 2 people bought their own Volt too after talking to me and went for a test drive. That is all it took for them to buy the car.

    All you need is to drive the car and do the math.
  • I'm less than a month away from owning my Volt for 1 year. I love it and I agree with most of the reasons for loving the Volt from those who have posted before me. I am, however, conservative and do agree politically with the right on the fact that the taxpayers should not be subsidize this or any vehicle to the extent the Volt has been.
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