2015 Kia K900 With V8 Engine Starts at $60,400

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image2015 Kia K900 With V8 Engine Starts at $60,400

The top-of-the-line 2015 Kia K900 with a V8 engine starts at $60,400.

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  • dfelix70dfelix70 Member Posts: 143
    No, Edmunds, this car does not "compete" with the S550 and LS460, please stop asserting that. The Mercedes starts over $30k higher, and the Lexus $12k higher. There's more to car buying than just size, power, and amenities, especially in the luxury segment. Does the Kia offer a lower-cost alternative? Absolutely. But for probably less than 1% of the potential buyers of the Benz and Lexus.
  • oldparnelloldparnell Member Posts: 37
    dfelix70 - To each their own. I would consider this an alternative to the Ls460, but not the S550.
  • screwball71screwball71 Member Posts: 26
    Last week when I posted on this K900 review that "I wished that Edmunds would answer me and say whether they think this car really competes with an S-Class or 7-Series," fast forward a week later and you appeared to have indirectly answered...................... (long pause)... well I guess there's nothing with wishful thinking. Because this thing competes with the Toyota Avalon. And I'd be willing to bet that the Avalon is better.
  • smoo4aswsmoo4asw Member Posts: 1
    Kia, you really shot the wad. If you can't produce an affordable V8 vehicle, then you don't want me to buy anything new. But more than being affordable it has to "just work". Ford sat there and understood this and I have through Ford and my secret weapon over a function of 10 year time delay a modern V8 that I can afford. You're not going to do anything for getting me to want to go in debt when you're not making it at all tempting.

    Produce a brand new V8 with the reliability of the 2003 Ford Crown Victoria for less than $10,000, and then we'll talk. For over 6 times that price I'll just sit there and drive my paid for used 2003 Ford F-150 and think how happy I am that I got a V8 family vehicle on an actually good price.

    I now won't like any of your commercials of which I once really liked some of them, and so did my son. Now we are denied enjoyment of a good commercial because of your corporate stupidity.
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