2014 Mazda MAZDA6 First Drive

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image2014 Mazda MAZDA6 First Drive

A top-to-bottom redesign puts the new Mazda 6 into the thick of the midsize sedan category. We take it for a drive to see how it measures up.

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    I had my heart set on a 6spd Accord Sport Sedan... But this looks great! Being a part time valet driver and being a sales associate at Mitsubishi, I have been in countless Mazda 6s, speed3s, and CX-7s. I've never noticed a particularly responsive steering, but maybe that's because the 6 and 3 had electric steering so they lose a lot of feel right there. How did I know for sure it was electric? When the cars would run out of battery, a jump would get them running again, but if you turn the steering wheel before it charges up again, the entire dash would dim and the engine would fall in danger of stalling... Not a good feeling!

    I guess you could say the suspension feels a little bit tighter than the average car, but I never felt that the non-mazdaspeed mazdas communicated "sporty" towards me. I guess I have to test out this new 6 and see if my feelings have changed!
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