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bed rugs

jpennyjpenny Member Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in Toyota
After reading some of the postings for spray liner vs. drop liners I'm still confused. Are the newer bed rugs better than the older ones? I am buying a Tundra and am debating which way to go for the bed. I live by salt water, so our climate is especially corrosive.


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    rfrossrfross Member Posts: 15
    I recently purchased a 2002 Ranger and the BedRug was the first purchase I made for it along with a new cap. I had a BedRug on my 1999 Sierra. That one was so nice it was an easy decision to purchase one for the Ranger.

    I've owned several of the plastic drop in liners. They ultimately rub the paint off and stuff slides around all over. But they are relatively easy to clean.

    But I feel BedRugs are superior to plastic liners. BedRugs are excellent for a number of reasons: quality, noise reduction, comfortable for sleeping if you find the need, perfect fit, easy to clean, stuff stays in place, etc. I can go on and on. And no, I don't work for the company!

    But the bottom line is you have to determine how you are going to use the bed of your truck. If you're going to carry around gravel and dirt, well the plastic liner is probably the way to go. But if you mostly haul groceries, home project stuff, camping gear, etc., you can't go wrong with a BedRug....
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    ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    after 1 yr and 8 months i am still fully happy with my spray in

    if i had to do it again id go the same route
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    ricschricsch Member Posts: 540
    If you use the truck like a truck and haul alot of building materials and the like, a spray in may be better. I have a Bed Rug in my truck and like it for my use, but I don't really use it as a truck.
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    wsnoblewsnoble Member Posts: 241

    I have 2002 Toyota DCab and I am considering a bedrug.

    I live in new england, and am not going to put a cap or torneau cover on the bed

    Is having a bedrug still a good idea?

    I will not be hauling gravel or heavy equip.


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    ricschricsch Member Posts: 540
    Bed Rugs can be used w/o a cap or cover. They are held in very well with velcro. And they aren't to trap moisture, but if you leave the truck outside and experience winter snows, a spray-in liner may be better?
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    mcrmcr Member Posts: 15
    Which particular brand or type of bed rug is recommended and where are the best prices.
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    rm13rm13 Member Posts: 46
    Try www.realtruck.com . There was another site that was $10 less but I can't find it now. BedRug is the only name brand product I've heard of.
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    mikeb31mikeb31 Member Posts: 25
    Copy cat products. I have a bedrug and love it for most of the reasons listed by rfross. I've heard there's a couple of other manufactures that are making similar products, but with non waterproof carpet. Bedrugs come with marine waterproof carpet.
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    ndahi12ndahi12 Member Posts: 235
    a bedrug and a snugtop tonneau cover for my Tundra. Total price installed with full grip system and taxes is $1,135.34. Is that a good price?
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    akjbmwakjbmw Member Posts: 231
    My Bedrug makes a major difference in crawling into the back (have a Leer shell) on my old knees. It is no longer cold metal that you are touching either. Rolling stuff still rolls, but most things don't really slide unless you are pro-active in initiating the event.

    If my next truck (3/4 or 1T) is to haul a fifth wheel, the Bedrug may not be an option. Otherwise, it's definitely a do-over.

    Steel Horse is another brand name, but I have not seen anything on the fit or design details.

    Bedrug has a rubber backing that is shaped to fit the floor of the bed and make the carpet surface flat.
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    zr2randozr2rando Member Posts: 391
    I bought a rubber bed mat for mine (89 nissan and 99 chevy) from agri-supply and they work fine for me. Rubber keeps everything from sliding and does not case any rust on the bed, lets air underneath and can be removed easy to hose out if required.
    Only negative is that it does not protect the sides , only the bed bottom, but so far, no problem for me. The liners do take care of the sides but also do cause rust sometimes,,just make sure you get a good one and check regularly...
    see ya
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    3fan23fan2 Member Posts: 6
    Had the bedrug and ARE lid installed on my KR today. They both look and fit great.
    Tie downs still useable with bedrug installed.
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    mjbwrtrmjbwrtr Member Posts: 172
    what i did was get the $8 per can spray-in at auto zone and coat the bed with that. i went double over the wheel wells and front of the bed and tailgate. i then put a rubber mat on the floor. it is all covered and protected and looks nice, for about $120.
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