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imageMitsubishi's Future Plans Include Hybrids, Major Model Overhaul

Mitsubishi's future vehicle program includes a redesigned 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, two plug-in hybrids and the possibility of a large SUV that would resurrect the Mitsubishi Montero name.

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  • psychogunpsychogun Member Posts: 129
    Regarding the update for the Outlander mentioned in the article the following links might be of interest. Apparently Mitsubishi has listened and has added more noise insulation as well as revised the suspension by incorporating rebound springs to the dampers for improved handling. In addition the taillights will be clear combination lights with LED.

    Pictures of the exterior:
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    The all wheel drive and turbo makes a big difference. I only wish that acceleration was better when taking off form the line. some great competitors Honda, Nissan. But this Lancer has a good fighting chance if it plays its cards right!
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  • thelosersthelosers Member Posts: 3
    Seems unclear whats happening with the '16 Lancer ??? I was hoping for the long overdo redesign...
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