2014 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring AWD Long-Term Road Test

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    The lower one (Canon?) looks better. If I bought a CX-5, which is unlikely, I would instantly remove the rear seat head bolsters. I rarely have anyone in the rear, and if I do the bolsters will be there on the rear seat, waiting for someone to inhabit that area. In my Outback I not only removed the rear bolsters, but I also removed the front passenger bolster, which also rides along on the rear seat. I do all this to greatly enhance rear and right side vision. (Obviously I don't need a car as big as an Outback.)
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    It is too bad they didn't make the rear headrests so they would fold down or slide down to be more level with the seats like some do. The CX5 doesn't have the greatest visibility to begin with so it is nice to have the headrests out of the way when not in use
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    The Canon is better. I've had a Flip that's looked sharper than that before, though. It looks like it had trouble focusing.
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    another Mazda long-termer with a steering wheel/gauge cluster that has an "Alf" cartton cracter look to it. I wonder why they use brightwork on the wheel--too toothy looking to me
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