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2013 Ford Focus ST Long Term Road Test Posts: 10,112
edited September 2014 in Ford


  • I can't get past the clown suit look of the Recaros either. I would definitely give up all that stuff for the Recaro-less bare bones ST.
  • My 2005 Jetta GLI has those seats
  • I don't need any of those things that Dan seems to want. I would buy a "base" model with a sunroof.

    I had the same rib crunching in a BR-Z. I got out of the car and chose not to take a drive in it.
  • I love seats that hug me tight.
  • I've seen several on the lots with ST1 trim (no Recaro's)

    You could also order one just as a base model, I've heard of dealers doing this at X-plan/invoice pricing.

    Also, have you sat in the full-leather ST3 seats? These seats are also power adjustable and I believe some have found them more comfortable.
  • The thing about even the best bucket/racing seats is that if you fall outside of the size parameters they are usually horrendously uncomfortable. Ask anyone who has extensive experience with them, and they will always tell you to try before you buy.
  • hank39hank39 Tallahassee, FLPosts: 144
    Or buy the Recaros and trade with any owner who has the bare bones version. I'm sure they would love the opportunity to upgrade and you make out like a bandit with some mula :)
  • duck87duck87 Posts: 649
    It's the price to pay for good support (particularly if they're not wide enough in the first place for you). I think the Civic Si's seats has probably the best compromise between good support and all-day comfort.
  • hybrishybris Posts: 365
    If you don't like the seats unbolt them and put them up on Craigslist they be sold with in a week.
  • Tried to order a barebones one and dealer simply said NO, they are the unicorns of the ford focus world.
  • I'm ~157 lbs and fit in the leather ST3 seats comfortably. I first sat in the ST2 seats and wondered if I would be able to live with it. In the end I found the leather seats more forgiving but that could just be my imagination. I do notice the grip across my back but it doesn't bother me.
  • Dan EDMUNDS, huh? Coincidence? Anyway I, too, noticed the "clamping" effect during a test drive (I'm real close to Dan: 6'3" 210 with a 34 waist), but it was more on my thighs - surprising, as they're skinny. I certainly hope that Ford will offer the leather seats of the 2013 SE Appearance Package/Titanium as an option in future ST model years. I actually prefer the rest of the ST1 accoutrements (no MyFordTouch, for one), but would rather not to have the ST1's cloth seats.
  • Yes, in South Jersey I got a base model with the sunroof. I seem to remember (from perusing dealer inventories) that about 1/3-1/4 of ST's were base models.

    Like you, I found the Recaros bothersome and MUCH prefer the base seats. No dual-zone? I don't think it's such a big deal in a smaller car... and I'm installing an aftermarket sound/GPS system anyway.

    But even the base car is optioned pretty well.
  • When I first sat in those Recaro seats I new it was a deal breaker. And even if I could tolerate them, I doubt anyone else in my family could.

    It took me several months and a bit of luck to find a base version because dealers just don't sell them. What a huge mistake on Ford's part to put such extreme seats in what is an otherwise fantastic car.
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