2014 Chevrolet Cruze Turbodiesel Gets 46 MPG on Highway, Says GM

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    But will Americans see past the EPA numbers to the truth? The gas Cruze has an EPA highway rating of about 40 mpg, but you guys never got close to that figure. Diesels are typically better on fuel in the real world, so the 12% price premium for diesel will be more than compensated for by the diesels better mileage. Diesels are the way to go for mileage, but the US does not want to hear it. Over at C&D they tested four versions of Jetta and the diesel mileage beat the hybrid.
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    For the most part, I think Americans see diesel as dirty and industrial, which is just a branding/marketing issue. Same thing with wagons it seems, where people think of a 1980's boat versus a vehicle with the cargo capacity of an SUV and road manners of a car. I find myself fantasizing about importing a mid-size luxury diesel wagon (550D, drool) every time I go to Europe, only to remind myself of the monumental cost and trouble. Sigh.
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    It only gets 33mpgs combined, a larger Accord gets 30mpg and it runs on regular which is much cheaper where I live.
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    @shatner: The gasoline version is 33mpg combined? The diesel that they're talking about is trying (and succeeding it seems) to beat the Jetta TDI which gets 30 city/42 hwy. That's a good difference from the Accord's four cylinder CVT numbers of 27/36. Mor
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    @shatner Sorry, but the EPA numbers for diesels are usually way off. Trawl around the Web and you will find very few diesel owners who don't beat the EPA numbers by a large margin. Diesels excel when it comes to part throttle economy, which is the way mos
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    Well my parents have have Mercedes diesels for decades and don't get magical gas numbers that beat the epa.

    quadricycle NO the Diesel gets 33 mpgs combined! only 27 city, like I said that is only 3mpgs more combined than the Accord.

    agentorange I doubt many people will drive a Cruze at half throttle, not if they want to keep up with traffic and not get killed merging onto the highway.
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    VW deisel owners probably tend to hypermill much more than most drivers too, since they often buy the Diesel to save gas. Some Prius owners also get much better mpgs than the epa, but most don't if they drive normally.
    Oh well, the proof will be in the road tests. But for 46 mpg hw rating the Cruze diesel combined rating of 33 is VERY LOW.
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    There is some obvious wiggle room in the EPA tests. Edmunds.com has published several "fuel economy showdowns" that can highlight the differences. The last one I remember compared cars rated at ~40mpg highway and found that, while they were close, the diesel oddball they included in the test (a Passat I think) achieved significantly higher than expected mpg. Take that for what you will, but in my mind the EPA tests are skewed in favor of hybrids and turbo GDI motors and skewed against diesels.
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    Can't wait!
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