2005 Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG Long-Term Road Test

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    what does the engine look like with the cover off?
  • I can't disagree about the AMG engines. The 6.3 in particular sounds lovely.
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    It's habit of consuming oil isn't an endearing quality either. Complexity for the sake of complexity can be trouble. Lotta good 8 bangers out there.
  • The whole point of the V12 option is more refinement and smoother power delivery, since it will usually balance better than a V8. Considering what kind of car the CL is, I would say that a quiet, vibration free, smooth idle V12 option makes a lot of sense. You seem to expect things from the engine that it wasn't designed for. This is why Mercedes also offers a V8 if you want it (lighter, sounds better, but more vibration prone), and also why they put that 6.2 V8 into the SLS instead of a V12.
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    All things considered, 90° V8s don't have much of a problem with vibration.
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    Ed Hellwig,
    Paper shmaper-- it is a monster on the asphalt.
    Not sure what you were looking for. If all you want is "deep rumbling" than get a CD and play that while you are driving. If you just want a good looking car get some sportsy thing with a convertible top. If you want it to sound quiet get a Caddy, but if you want that "suck you into the back seat sensation" go for the "65"
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