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2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Z71 LT Crew Long-Term Road Test

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  • adamb1adamb1 Member Posts: 122
    Over time, I have acquired 3 vehicles, all new at the time. So I have my bases covered pretty well now. I used to keep a "beater" pickup for occasional truck chores. As hobbies and responsibilities grew, I bought a new pickup which I have had for 10 years now. We have a Mazda 6s GT that my wife uses as a daily driver and we use as our road trip car (2 teen kids). I also have a Ford Focus SEL for my daily driver. The truck is reserved for truck jobs now.
  • sdpadsfansdpadsfan Member Posts: 14
    I am planning to do the same thing at adamb1. Right now I have a Mazda CX-5 as my daily driver/family car and my wife has an older Toyota Tacoma crew cab. When we buy her a new car in a couple of years we are planning on keeping the Tacoma for those times when a truck is needed (Unless she decides she wants a new truck). It is amazing how often you need a truck when you own an older house.
  • hybrishybris Member Posts: 365
    Being a truck owner I do get asked a lot by family and church members to haul stuff. All I ask is gas money usually $25 and they get the truck and my labor for loading and unloading. That is as far as "sharing" my truck goes just because I refuse to let anyone borrow my truck without me.
  • kevm14kevm14 Member Posts: 423
    For normal homeowner stuff, my 91 Ranger XLT with 7 foot bed is all the truck I need. I'd LIKE more truck, but I absolutely do not need it. I even have a cap so I can haul stuff in all weather. Honestly, it sits for months at a time. Imagine if I paid $35k for some brand new 1/2 ton and drove it daily when I barely need it a few weeks out of the year. Far cheaper to have my $900 Ranger.
  • trmckintrmckin Member Posts: 10
    really just depends on what your needs are. living in the snow belt, a full size 4x4 truck with a camper is about as handy as it gets. Serves as a weekend hauler during the spring/summer, tailgater for broncos games in the fall, and go anywhere ski vehicle in the winter. You give up mpg's over something like a crossover so it's really just a choice of what you are willing to compromise. Space and usefulness or MPG's and parking headaches.

    when i lived in the south years ago, i saw more wasted 4x4 pickup daily drivers but to each his own. i still don't understand why we don't see more hybrid options with trucks. I know the extra weight of batteries and motors hurts towing and payload capacity but it just seems like a good platform to use hybrid tech. Make it aerodynamic like the new Chevy Colorado. No need for a grill and front end like a semi. Lightweight like the new f-150.. hybrid drivetrain (torque anyone)... should easily be able to top 30 mpg and run on regular gas.
  • allthingshondaallthingshonda Member Posts: 878
    I agree with kevm14, most people buy way more truck than they really need. They buy trucks with 2,000 pound payload capacities and the ability to tow 10,000 pounds and these trucks never do more than make trips to Home Depot and help people move. Toyota's Tacoma and the Chevy/GMC twins have all the capability the average truck owner will ever need.
  • hybrishybris Member Posts: 365
    @allthingshonda You are forgetting that a pickup truck doesn't age like normal cars do. You buy a truck for at least 10-20 years of service thus getting something beyond your current needs is practical and can mean the difference between having to replace
  • adamb1adamb1 Member Posts: 122
    Why is it people often comment about people buying trucks with capabilities beyond what they need for daily life but don't make the same comment about buying a 400+ hp Mustang? Most people don't need the performance capability of a Mustang. Most people never approach its limits and will never legally be able to approach its top speed.
  • kevm14kevm14 Member Posts: 423
    trmckin, that's why I am annoyed GM was forced to shelve their Duramax 4500 (look it up). That was a ~310hp, 520 lb-ft turbo diesel that fits in any engine bay that can house the gas small block (which means it would fit in a Mazda Miata). They had that engine done in like 2010. Grrrr. And to adamb1, I confess I am not normal, but I've had my 400hp CTS-V at its limits. Ok, not top speed, but all the other limits.
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