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Nissan or Toyota

kjtgkjtg Posts: 49
edited March 2014 in Nissan
it sounds like you live in wichita ks. they start priced up $1,000 - $2000. i don't go there anymore.


  • techtech Posts: 34
    i have recently purchased a 99 nissan se 4x4 with all the bells and whistles. before purchasing this vehicle which is the best i have ever owned in over 30 years of driving , i test drove a toyota
    tacoma set up identical to the nissan. my experience was that the toyota was noisier around town and comfort levels were about the same. i was well aware of the reputation for quality that toyota had but nissan was no slouch when it came to quality either, asthetics wise i liked the frontier over the toyota. however the deciding factor was that the toyota came in at almost $3k
    more, i could not justify that difference in price. anyway i have driven my truck for several long trips and i have felt just fine.
  • hindsitehindsite Posts: 590
    What do you guys think of the Nissan Crew Cab?
  • jsandyjsandy Posts: 7
    I bought the new CC about 2 weeks ago. It's a XE, but it came with some nice options (CD AC AT, the price seemed reasonable, but I suppose less is always better! Anyway, I like it. My big truck driving friends call it a 'chick truck', but I am
    refering to it as a 'mini van for men'. My oldest daughter is just learning to drive, and she likes driving it, good visibility, good brakes. My younger kids say the back seat is better than my old car (a 1989 toyota corolla). I am a big fan of toyotas. I would have loved to buy a t150 access cab. I was worried about the V6, 'cuase I thought it wasa new engine. But, it turns out it's the same engine that Nissan uses in the Pathfinder, so that was encouraging. I was in New Zealand a while back, and 4-door trucks (mazda, toyota, mittsubishi) were all over the place. I think the design is better than a car, but if you're a serious truck guy, then you should get a full size. You'll get lots of rude comments from your trck friends, but curious looks and nice comments from every guy that has a mini van! Oh yeah the literature said it gets 16-19 mpg. I think I am getting the 16, it goes about 300 miles per tank (the tank is less than 20 gallons). I hope the truck lasts for 200K or more. I'll write back again as I drive it. FYI I drive a lot, and most of it is just running the kids around, I also surf and ride mountain bikes, so the bed is always full! Be sure to get the bed extender, and I'll be adding roof racks (Yakima, I think) soon, so that will increase storage a lot.
  • Does anybody know if Toyota will start selling the crew-cab Tacoma in America soon? It looks very nice. If you don't know, do you have an e-mail address for someone who would know? Thanks.
  • Ditto jsandy! Great truck. I have owned Toyotas for years and this is one great vehicle. Forget the guys that make comments about it not being a truck. Look at it this way... its a blast over having to buy a minivan and much more room than a small SUV (Jeep Cherokee or Blazer, etc.). That's what I was up against with a family. I win! I can have my truck and keep the family too! The gas mileage is not great but the dang V6 engine sounds fantastic when you give it the gas. Great exhaust system. I have an SE fully loaded. I am not one to buy a vehicle with this much equipment on it but glad I did now. I think I got a very good value for my money. Only wish I could have gotten the limited slip diff. but I had to take what came in. Definitely, put this one on your test drive list if your buying a small truck or, especially, an SUV.
  • they will be producing a 4dr tacoma mid year so they say
  • emmett1emmett1 Posts: 20
    Just thought I would add my 2 cents here. My girlfriend desperately wanted a truck, to carry all of the gardening items, as well as to sit higher and have 4x4. We looked at and drove the Tacoma 4x4 extended cab, the Frontier 4x4 extended cab and the Isuzu Hombre 4x4 extended cab. The Nissan was the 1st choice by far. The ride is very un-trucklike, and there is much less road noise than in her 95 Mitsubishi Mirage that she traded in. The Nissan dealer was the easiest to deal with and gave the best price. Nissan quality is well known and we feel comfortable with the vehicle. The Isuzu dealers were ok, but it is a Chevy S-10 basically, and we decided to pass on that lack of quality and ride. The Toyota dealers were the most ignorant and least willing to deal out of the three. If they would only realize how many additional sales are lost due to a poor attitude and poor pricing, then they would really be the biggest automaker around. Have a great day everybody....and she has 1,200 trouble free,fun filled miles so far. Bring on the winter snow and 4x4.
  • tatrytatry Posts: 2
    After some research on web I visited nissan Dealer and asked about Frontier 4x V6 ext. cab. I got good deal and bought - nicely equipped but with stick. When I brought it home my wife didn't like the color my favorite black. After giving her a ride she felt very comfortable especially when we zipped through the mess during the heavy rain and braking was no problem. Then she tried to drive it and she fell in love with it no more problems with color and I lost the truck. So far no trouble after 3000 miles. The cruise control is really responsive and shifting is a pleasure. It is also very quiet at 50 to 65. I found the stick on nissan's works really well.
  • to all frontier owners:don't try to race a tacoma,you will be sorry!
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    The Nissan 3.3 is a joke, check the torque numbers, lowest in its class!
  • zbad71zbad71 Posts: 226
    They are both way overpriced for what you get. The Nissan is plain ugly. If you want to pay too much for a small pickup, at least get the best looking and best offroading Tacoma.

    From my owning experience the 96 Tacoma I had was a Great truck and with exception of head gasket replacement at 19k miles, the truck was trouble free. Its just way overpriced.
  • What do you own that makes you so high and mighty? I love my '99 4x4 Frontier and I think it is a great looking truck. Your opinion is your opinion and that is all it is.

    To the guy who lost his Frontier to his wife, join the club. Mine is white and my wife wanted black but she drives it all the time. She gets all kinds of nice comments from people and she says it's an ego boost.

    Tacoma is a great truck to but as many of you have mentioned they are priced way too high compared to the Frontier.
  • zbad71zbad71 Posts: 226
    Both trucks are "cute". If I were to buy a small truck again (not likely), and were to pick between a Nissan or Toyota, I would pick the Toyota. More torque, more hp, more ground clearance, more options, better interior, etc. etc.

    However, if I were to buy either one, it would be for my wife to drive. These trucks are great for women to drive and can see why you guy's lost them to your spouses.

    BOTH trucks are way overpriced, but I would still by a Tacoma over the Nissan, even with the 4 door Frontier that has more room (really butt ugly). The Nissan's have always been less reliable, cheaper built (cheesy interiors), and much less attractive exteriors. Yeah, they are less $, but thats so they can compete with Toyota. Some get sucked into buying them. Some are even happy with their purchase. However, for most of those people, if they had ever owned a Tacoma, they wouldn't have bought the Nissan.

    Glad you are happy with the Frontier. If you don't know what you are missing, I am sure the Frontier will be a great truck for you.
  • zbad71zbad71 Posts: 226
    From "ZBAD71", do I really need to tell you what I own. I own the best truck made....of course.
  • Every discussion grp I have entered you have preceded me ripping up Toyotas and every other compact pickup. Don't you have anything else to do while you wait for the dealer to repair your z71. Most of us in this discussion group aren't interested in a gas guzzling behemoth. By the way I have experience with GM trucks and can only suggest that you need a Toyota/Nissan to follow you around and pick up the pieces as they fall off. You always get what you pay for!
  • tatrytatry Posts: 2
    I think that everything gets its price on a market. Question is in what given time with which dealer you get little or less luck. When I was looking and they offered me 4cyl 4wd. T.Tacoma for almost that price(and not willing to go down) as 6 cyl 4wd. N. Frontier- the decision is clear. The torque issue in that case is also clear. I agree that Frontier's 3.3liter torque is nothing too much but it gets to 200 - maximum at 3000 rpm. Racing vs 6cyl Tacoma? Of course I will loose but do I need it? Or can I buy for 4k$ difference something else. Its the price/value what many times matters. Can I haul the same load with Frontier as Tacoma in the same terrain? Of course ! Towing is 5000 pounds for both of them with automatic!!
  • marksiemarksie Posts: 14
    I was looking over the maintenance guide for the
    Tacoma and found every 15,000 miles you have to
    "Lubricate the propeller shaft and re-torque bolts"
    Then it says to: "Re-torque drive shaft flange
    bolts" What's the difference between the propeller
    shaft and the drive shaft? What do you torque the
    bolts to? Where are the bolts on the propeller
    shaft to torque? Where are the flange boltslocated? Thanks for any help.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Most people who buy Tacoma's seem to buy them as race trucks and not use them as real trucks. Mostly your yuppie type crowd who use them as kind of a show TOY.
    Everyone always quotes 0-60 times in trucks. Its the magazines and reveiwers who push 0-60 times as being so important in a truck. For those of us who use our trucks as trucks we all know what is MOST important, TORQUE!! and Torque curve.
  • I think the one thing to consider is what you do with your truck. The Nissan is a good deal(3-4k cheaper) for a street truck. Don't try to take it to the places I run my Toyota. The Toyota is by far a much better off-roader. Friends of mine own Nissans, and I usually spend a good portion of my day pulling them out when ever we go off road. If you apply the 3 grand you save buying the truck and use it to enhance the off-road performance you may come close to a Toyota's stock off-road performance. However, the 3 grand in add-ons will cause more wear and tear on a vehicle that is not designed to handle performance boosting accessories. So even if you can get your Nissan to hang with a stock Toyota, how long will it last?? I would pay the extra 3k for a truck that will last, and is reliable on and off road. If you don't do alot of off-roading the Nissan will save you some money and may be the best for you. I will stick with the Toyota.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Ha, Ha, Ha, lol! You put WAY too much confidence in your overated Tacoma. I have a Ranger. It is a 4.0 XLT 5spd 4x4 with offroad pkg. This is my second, my first was very reliable. I use my trucks in the Cascade mountains/deserts of Oregon. I have a friend who owns a TRD. To make this a short entry. The TRD was not any better than my Ranger. I could go anywhere, climb, or trail anything my friend could. Granted I have 31" tires on my Ranger along with a chip and K&N air charger kit installed. The cost of my truck is still about 3K less than a TRD with all the accessories installed.
    Back to Nissan. Nissan also offeres an offroad pkg pretty much the same as the Ranger. You get a limited slip rearend, stiffer shocks, fender flares, larger tires. The only down fall to the Nissan is its lack of torque. 200 vs 220 in the Tacoma vs 225 in the Ranger.
    Hate to burst your bubble but the Tacoma does not rule the mountain.
  • i guess they will never learn.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    I know people in other chat rooms that have paid upwards of 24K for a Tacoma TRD!
    I guess they feel the more they pay, the better the truck will be? 24K for a compact pickup?? No way!
  • I have found out that there is a TRD supercharger for the tacoma that produces upwards of 260h.p. Does any company out there make a supercharger for the nissan. that 3.3 is just too small for the pulling I want it for, like up passes in Colorado.
    By the way, why are you sorry ranger and oversized Silverado people doing on a chat for toyota and nissan? Looking for a better made truck probably. If you are happy with those trucks, you should stay on a sight that is appropriate. People want to know about dependable and more affordable trucks and not unserviceable rangers and overpriced Silverados. I will say though that Tacomas are a little overpriced but from what I have read, they are reliable. Go brag about your trucks somewhere else and let people brag about their Nissans and Toyotas on this one. pLease
    PS - Who ever can brag about a ranger anyway. All I have ever heard is they are junk and end up in the shop more than on the road. go back to the Tacoma vs. Ranger forum.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Joseph, you are greatly misinformed, Rangers all don't end up in the shop. I know several owners of Rangers that have been very reliable. Shop and compare.
    Nissan is supposed to be coming out with a supercharger like Toyota in the 2000 sometime for the 3.3.
    I also didn't put down the Nissan or Toyota. But I have already gone up against both the Frontier 3.3 and Toyota 3.4 in my Ranger. Sorry, the TRD is overrated/overpriced marketing package. The Nissan 3.3 is an absolute joke, no torque! A locker is only used in certain situations when on a trail. Most of these situations a person wouldn't take a 22K-24K NEW truck into. I am an offroad type/outdoors person and both my Rangers have been in the thick of it. Don't put a truck down if you know NOTHING about them.
  • zbad71zbad71 Posts: 226
    These morons don't go offroad. They just like spending money for playtoy's, not fully functional offroad and payload carrying trucks. You know, like we have said before, sissy yuppies and women are the biggest buyers. My wife loved the Tacoma we had. She drove it 90% of the time. The import trucks are great for someone to carry groceries or go on trails that my Z71 Silverado cleared the way for them. LOL.

    I bet most of the import 4X4 owners don't even know how to put their trucks into 4wd and if they do, they don't know how to properly use them in 4wd. It's all a fad thing with these turds, I mean TRD's.
  • ...old are you anyway? You act like a child. I know more 12 year olds who are more open minded than you.

    My wife still loves the truck and I will still have to fight for it when I get back. I might just pick up a used T100. I wouldn't mind a regular cab Nissan Pickup. It is still an option.

    I do know how to shift my Frontier into 4 wheel drive. It's not push button like many Chevy's I know. Toyota Tacoma 4X4 (uses a stick) does have the push start cancel feature. You can use the ignition & push/start/cancel to pull your vehicle out if you are ever stuck and that's only if the 4 low won't help. Never know anyone to have that problem.

    The 2000 Frontiers do have a Bose system available and comes with a subwoofer. I am not sure about Toyota's stereo set up other than it sounds just fine.

    Whatever you buy:

    Enjoy the ride.
  • anni1anni1 Posts: 1
    not that I know a whole lot about trucks..(actually that is why I am here, going tomorrow to buy a new one...choices are Nissan vs Toyota...again why I am HERE)..I did notice all
    the Silverado chat (still wondering why Silverado chat is HERE)..I just cant help but mention an observation I have made..a 6 year old full size truck looks like an old 10 years they really look done..dont know why...but it just seems to be the case...while Trucks such as Toyota still look...and everyone know RUN great in year 10...I myself am leaning toward the Nissan...I have always been a Toyota person...Nothing but good things to say about my past Toyota truck...only the price has me leaning toward the Nissan....If anyone has any comments on Toyota vs Nissan I would apprieciate you opinion..looking at the extended cab V6..Thank You
  • benz88benz88 Posts: 42
    I just bought a 2000 tacoma v6 xcab 4x4 trd, previously drove a wrangler sahara. My family has a bunch of 4x4's pathfinder,a big ram that will eat a silverado :-), wrangler, and two toyotas.

    I don't like the nissan 4x4 because you have to stop and go into reverse to get out of 4x4 mode. On the toyota you can shift of the fly at speeds of up to 50/60 mph. You can do that too on the jeep and I really like that feature when driving on the highway with snowy patches (usually with elevation changes). If you can live with that and you don't offroad, the nissan is a pretty reliable truck.

    The main reason for purchasing the toyota is reliability. I like to go fishing but I don't like being stranded. I don't drive with a herd of other 4x4's, so getting back from "out there" justified the extra expense.
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